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We are at the penultimate day – no time to get emotional yet though.

Today we are going to be dealing what your competitors are doing – what is happening in the industry and how you can keep up to date with latest developments.

Step 12

Website Wars – Web & Mobile Conversion Quality Index

This was the title of a report we put together last year which analysed the performance of the top UK retailers.

This report was created to highlight how the top UK retail brands fared when it came to providing a digital experience to their customers.

Website wars Digivante

Website Wars Overall Score

The Report in a nutshell…

Using our global community of testers – we set a challenge to 250 of the best.

“Focusing on the top 50 UK retailers – identify areas on their websites and apps that can be improved to maximise revenue”

We analysed their findings and split them into 3 key areas;

  • are there critical errors presenting that will impact users?
  • how many conversion issues are affecting customers, and
  • are there customer experience (CX) issues causing revenue loss?

The results showed that while the retailers and their IT teams were managing to ensure that their websites were largely free of critical functional bugs, millions of pounds of revenue were being lost by organisations due to conversion and customer experience issues.

Millions of pounds of online revenue were being lost by companies not ensuring their mobile experience was great across all mobile devices, especially Android devices.

The impact of increasing QA spend on mobile devices was having a detrimental effect on the QA spend for desktops. This was concerning given that desktops still accounted for a sizeable chunk of online shopping.

You can read the full report here – but here are some of the winners and losers.

The report goes into detail about why some scored well, and others struggled. Also providing insight into the improvements they could make.

As with all reports of this nature – it threw up some surprises. But inevitably the trends showed that those organisations that were prioritising their digital performance, were seeing the best results.

Step 13

Industry Developments – how to stay on top of changes

The landscape is constantly changing and keeping up to date with changes and new developments is tough.

Fortunately, we are eagle-eyed and eager to share what we find. Our team are constantly on the look-out for interesting and useful information regarding digital performance – we have shared below some of our favourite sources of information – but if you want them in one place check out our website – below is an overview of a few recent posts – to give you a flavour.

eCommerce Website Testing

Increase Conversion Rates

The UK’s best online retailers (and how to avoid being the worst)

Think that the biggest retailers are the cream of the crop when it comes to online user experience (UX)? Think again.

The companies setting the UX bar the highest are the ones who cater to their customers’ exact expectations. Often enough, smaller retailers with specialised products outsmart their bigger rivals. As Harry Rose, editor of Which? magazine puts it, household names often provide “poor service or [have] confusing websites”.

It looks like there are no excuses left for ecommerce outlets of any size to explain why they aren’t giving their customers what they want. The question is, how do you emulate the best and avoid being the worst?

Taking the digital world down one website at a time

We have all heard the phrase ‘the UK high street is dying’ hundreds of times, even I am guilty of jumping on to this bandwagon. It’s in tabloids, on advertisements and has been repeatedly discussed in the BBC newsroom. It’s everywhere and often surrounded by negativity. But, the truth is the high street isn’t dying, it’s evolving. More specifically digitally evolving. Stores are moving onto digital platforms and finding new ways to bridge the gap between online and offline.

Major Release Test

Web Testing

Why cart abandonments are not the Bermuda triangle of ecommerce

Up to 80% of customers disappear during the final stages of their purchase. For many businesses, end-of-purchase cart abandonments are a bit like the Bermuda Triangle, consumed by unanswered questions and varying theories.

A perfect storm of reasons contributes to your customers leaving your site before they purchase. And only a search and destroy mentality can give you the upper hand.

Can you spot the accessibility features?

For users who have limited or no in-depth knowledge about website accessibility, it can be difficult to identify any difference between a website with or without accessibility features. However, ensuring your website has updated accessible features will increase your conversions and customer loyalty while reducing your cart abandonment and bounce rates.

Major Release Test

Social Media

Of course, you can always follow us on social media to get the latest industry stories immediately – We are on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Alternatively – you can dig out your own stories. Here are some of our favourite websites for industry news:


Medium describes itself as “Medium taps into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers to bring you the smartest takes on topics that matter. So whatever your interest, you can always find fresh thinking and unique perspectives.”

We also post lots of our blogs on medium – it has a hugely diverse range of topics and perspectives – a great source of information and opinions.


LinkedIn is still a great source of information – especially with the introduction of its newsfeed – the key is to filter through the self-promotion and more sensationalist stories.


A comprehensive source of information it has specific feeds for retail news, and innovation – for changes in the industry this site keeps up with the rapid pace of change.

And then there are a host of other sources: https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/, https://www.theguardian.com/business/retail, https://www.independent.co.uk/topic/Retail, and many more.

End of Day 6

We have taken a whirlwind tour of the competitive landscape and ways to keep up to date with industry news, the reality is that this is changing so rapidly no single source of information can be truly comprehensive – it’s always best to keep your ear to the ground.

Tomorrow is our last day and we are going to revisit a few things and wrap up an eventful seven days.

Want to get the final day now – just click here. Otherwise we’ll see you on the other side.

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