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Welcome to 16 Steps to an error-free website – a series of emails delivered daily over the next seven days (don’t worry we’ll give you a break on the weekends). Each email is designed to help you understand the steps you can take to removing the errors on your website – with the ultimate aim of delivering a website that delights your customers.

Each day will have a few steps that you can follow – some practical, some informative… some possibly fun… but I guess it depends what you like!

We recommend that you take each daily dose 24 hours at a time, but if you are more keen and want everything now you can click this link and we’ll send you all the content in one email.

So here you are, eager to learn – ready to fix those niggles, pot-holes, obstructions (whatever you want to call them) – those general undesirable elements that are stopping your customers doing whatever it is that you really need them to do.

Step 1

Set yourself clear targets

Like a good digital performance test – it’s important to set yourself clear targets.

With that in mind, create your own list of personal targets for these seven days. Take a moment, maybe a deep breath, and think about what it is that you hope to achieve after these seven days we’ll spend together. Have you got a pen, paper, OneNote ready?

Good, so how many things were on your list? Ideally you should be looking at around five things.

Keep that list.

If by the end of the seven days we haven’t covered a topic you were hoping, haven’t answered your questions, or have completely missed the point… let us know.

(1. We’ll be pleased you care enough to let us know and 2. We are fairly sure we can help, we could even add an extra day just for you).

Step 1 - 16 steps to an error-free website

Step 2

Step 2 - 16 steps to an error-free website

Detective time…

For the next seven days, together we are going to be our own super sleuths. Taking a close look at not just our own sites, but other people’s sites too. Focusing on what is making them work (or not work) and applying this to your own site.

Let’s look at the costliest software bugs of last year – and what made them so costly.

Click here to download our ebook – Costliest Software Bugs of 2018.

These bugs happened on real websites and had very negative impacts on their owners’ sites. Do you recognise some of these? Have you encountered and overcome these?

Hopefully, the tips within the ebook were useful and gave you some practical next steps to go about using your newly found detective skills. We will break down some of these tips into more detail over the next seven days.

Step 3

Picturing success

Success in any field involves visualisation – what will success look like? How do you get from here to there. To do that we are going to look at a customer that took this journey with us.

Let’s take a closer look the kind of changes that are possible in a short space of time. We work with a lot of different companies, small, middle, large (and everything in between). And they all have one thing in common – we were able to work with them and get quick results.

Case study time – We worked with Quality Cottages, a holiday home website based in the UK.

Over 85% of their business was derived online and they were looking for a way to quickly identify the bugs on their site that were causing the most harm.

After working with us their conversion rate more than doubled, and they made more income in the first 7 months of the financial year than the whole previous financial year.

Check out the case study here for more information on what we did for them.

Step 3 - 16 steps to an error-free website

End of Day 1

Now, you have your list (this will be important in seven days’ time) – you have an armoury of some of the biggest problems people have encountered (notice how these small, simple bugs wreak such havoc), and you have an example of a company we worked with, and understand how we helped them iron out some creases, and made a very big impact in a short space of time.

Take a break – you’ve earned it. Day 2 will bring about some further investigation into some of the steps you can take with your problematic website – covering one of our favourites, doing away with all your current problems and creating brand new ones…

Yes – everyone’s favourite, a replatform!

If the intrigue is too much, click here and we’ll send you all the days in one go.

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