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Congratulations you have made it to the final day.

To celebrate we are going to review our activity – have a quick test of our knowledge and revisit the list you made seven days ago.

Step 14

A Hero’s Journey

For those of you familiar with plot structure – you may have noticed that the approach we have taken to guiding you through these seven days has been a tried and trusted method of that of ‘The Hero’s Journey’ – which has been established for a long time and is a structure that many, many Hollywood blockbuster’s have used to tell stories.

If you are interested an overview is available at this link – and a table showing the mapping is to the right.

Essentially what we are telling you – is that YOU are the hero in your very own digital performance journey.

You have taken on the challenge and you have reached the end where you will now ‘Return with the Elixir’ – exciting times!

There have been bumps and our favourite ‘Tests’, along the way but hopefully you have gathered enough information to start making some very dramatic changes and remove those ‘errors’ from your site.

Now to complete your victory lap.

Hero's Journey

Step 15


Another Test

By now you know how much we love tests, but this is slightly different to what we’ve been talking about for the last seven days. This is a test (or check if you prefer), of your knowledge, what have you picked up, and remembered.

This is more a chance for you to review what we have gone through – and if you would like to revisit any of the days, we’ll send you a full list of all the links tomorrow.

For now though, onto our ‘16 steps to an error-free website’ test.

Step 16

Full circle

The final step – here we are. And it is time to go full circle, all the way back to the very first step (just like the best hero’s journey). You are returning to the ordinary world, but nothing will ever be the same again.

Back to Step 1 – you wrote a list of what you wanted to achieve. Do you still have the list?

Maybe you discovered more than you expected – that would be nice. But we hope at the minimum that we dealt with your list.

If not, then we’d love to know – perhaps there is more we could cover.

Reflecting on this list is important – it was written at a time, when you may not have known what you didn’t know. Or the list may now feel redundant.

It’s time to finish – and we’d like to do it with another list… (Just one more…) That list is what your next steps are. What are you going to prioritise, how are you going to go ahead with that?

Again, keep it to around 3-5 points, and the rest of the journey is yours.

Feel free to share your new list – and your plans with us, and if we can help with this new journey, let us know.

Full Circle

End of Day 7

Thank you for taking part. we sincerely hope that you found it useful, enjoyable, and interesting.

We’ll send a final email through to you wrapping things up tomorrow, and we hope to see your work in action on a website soon.


The Digivante Team.



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