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Are you dreaming of an error-free website?

’16 Steps to an error-free website’ is an email series delivered daily over 7 days (giving you a break on the weekends!), with each email designed to help you understand the steps you can take to removing the errors on your website – with the ultimate aim of delivering a website that delights your customers.

Each day will have a few steps that you can follow – some practical, some informative, some maybe even fun!

An overview of what you can expect is below:

  • How to start understanding what the errors on your website are – and some practical tips to help identify them.
  • The extent of changes you might need to undertake – replatform, or incremental improvement?
  • The different methods you could employ and the types of tests, assessments you should consider.
  • Real-life practical examples of companies that have taken steps to an error-free website.
  • Adopting a methodology – what process you should consider when looking at the digital performance of your site.
  • Competitive environment and industry analysis – what is happening in the rest of the world and how might this impact what you do next?
  • Assessments, exercises and other ways to get you thinking about your website performance…

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