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Digivante’s Application Beta Testing Solution

Releasing an app without any application beta testing is a risky game to play. Any problems or bugs in your app will result in a huge amount of negative customer feedback and all the money you spent developing the app goes to waste. Instead, performing application beta testing while your app is in the development stage ensures you can launch your new app with confidence.

Digivante’s app beta testing solution tests over 100 devices, using 150+ testers in just 3 days. Our testers ensure your app is working as it should be in both pre-release and live development stages, by identifying key customer journeys, scenarios and scripts which will benefit your apps growth and conversion rate. Unlike other app testing solutions, Digivante doesn’t just focus on recently released devices, we cover a huge range of devices from the iPhone 3 to the Samsung S9.

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  • Digivante has allowed us to test quickly and easily, which is key to us to keep our sprints moving quickly. They are able to provide device/browser coverage that far exceeds anything we are able to do on our own, which is critical in the ever-expanding world of mobile.

    Digital Product Manager, Claire's.

  • Approachable & flexible company. Easy to use Portal. Great concept.

    Performance Test Practitioner, ASOS.

  • Great value for money, impeccable account management, super quick and efficient!

    Head of Digital, JTF

  • As a small team it is very hard for us to thoroughly test the app. Digivante was able to find bugs that have been present in our app for over a year and had been missed by our team.

    Project Manager, StaffConnect

  • Great feedback. Digivante enable me to find edge case bugs when internal resource can not achieve this.

    Testing and Development Analyst,

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