April Update 2019 | Digivante

April Update 2019

by Amy Montague, 1st April 2019

Includes details about Digivante at IRX, accessibility, the next generation of online security and blogs of the month.

April IRX

As spring begins to bloom, the internet retailing expo (IRX) is on its way. Across the 3rd and the 4th of April, Digivante will be at stand H24, readying to help you with your digital performance needs. Our team will be on hand to provide you with all the advice, case studies, data and demos you could need to maximise your conversion rates through web testing.

Accessibility Everywhere

Last month accessibility was at the forefront of the web design world, with advocates making their voice heard and demanding more accessible features online. As legal guidelines still fail to be adhered to, business advocates are demanding that accessibility should be integrated into the web design process, and not seen as an additional feature.

Earlier this year, the Domino’s Pizza app was publicly slated for lacking the accessibility features needed to help blind people fulfil orders on the iPhone, after a failed US legal case. With smoke there’s fire and users are standing up demanding more from websites and apps, which should at least fulfil the basic minimum accessibility guidelines.

UK accessibility guidelines 

Online Security

Big brand data breaches have become increasingly common as security measures fail to be met or updated. This year both Facebook and Deliveroo had millions of accounts infiltrated and actively used by hackers, due to a lack of security testing. Facebook uncovered the breach during a routine security check in January, as millions of unencrypted plain text passwords were exposed.

7 advanced ways you can protect your site

Hot off the press, what should you be reading this month?

With accessibility at the forefront of our minds this month, we have chosen two professional accessibility experts to keep an eye on.

Sheri Byrne-Haber: Digital accessibility objectives and key results (OKRs)

Extract: “Even if you know what you want your accessibility effort to accomplish for a given time period, systematically going through an OKR process for your accessibility program may shed light on areas that were previously confusing to either you or others.

Mary Gillen: 17 Adjustments you can make to your website today that make it more accessible to visitors with disabilities 

Extract: “The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) will roll out official compliance guidelines concerning online accessibility for the disabled as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). DOJ will soon be expecting all websites to accommodate people with disabilities. Whether DOJ will implement web accessibility standards is not a matter of “if”, but “when.”

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