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The Google Analytics game changer which transforms Digital Performance

by Amy Montague, 23rd May 2019

Google Analytics can give you basic information about conversions, but it cannot provide you with the data to transform your digital performance. Here’s why deeper analytics are a real game changer for ecommerce retailers.

There’s a lot to be said for Google Analytics. It’s a free, customisable, integration-friendly tool which helps you to better understand the behaviour of your site’s visitors. But when it comes to drilling into digital performance data, retailers are lacking and ignoring potential revenue increases.

Ecommerce retailers need more than just the high-level analytics insights that Google Analytics provides to optimise user experience (UX) and maximise their conversions. They need to know the nuts and bolts of their digital performance on every known device and browser. And without this knowledge, the ecommerce Kraken will swallow you up.

A lack of cold, hard data

So, Google Analytics is telling you that your conversions are higher on iPhone than they are on Android. That’s great, but do you actually know why that’s the case? On which iPhone are your conversions at their highest? On which Android device are they really struggling? You simply don’t know.

What’s more, you don’t know how much your poorly performing devices are costing you. A critical bug on a Huawei Y5 could be preventing your customers from buying the most expensive item on your site. An iPhone 6 user could be trying to bulk buy from your store but is dissuaded by a cumbersome checkout process.

“Could” is the key word here. With Google Analytics, you are working on assumptions rather than cold, hard data when it comes to your digital performance. The only way to overcome this is to use analytics tools which delve much deeper, allowing you to forensically examine your website’s functionality and UX on every browser and device going.

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Session-based vs user-based conversion rates

Google Analytics uses a session-based conversion rate. The number of site visits that turn into sales is the main metric in this case. A major problem with this model is the lack of consideration for longer sales cycles – for example, if someone visits your site and then leaves before converting later, the session-based conversion rate will not highlight this.

User-based conversion rates, on the other hand, provide a much more balanced outlook about which devices are performing, and which aren’t. They also provide the reasons behind that. This is because they track every session from a single user, rather than losing them as soon as they bounce off your site.

Crucially, this model can highlight exactly where your conversion-killing issues lie. A loyal customer determined to purchase from your site, for example, may switch devices to complete their purchase if they are experiencing a critical bug on their phone. While other users on the same device may switch to a competitor’s site to complete their purchase, a user-based deep analytics tool would highlight the broader issue on the device, empowering you to solve it before it causes real damage.

If not Google Analytics, then what?

So, for all of its plus points, Google Analytics alone can’t save you from the ecommerce Kraken. Relying on it will leave you in the dark, as critical bugs you don’t know about ravage your conversions, leading your business into oblivion. But there is another way.

Digivante’s Digital Revenue Calculator uses your Google Analytics data to analyse your conversion rate, average order value, cost per conversion and bounce rates at granular device levels to identify quick win opportunities. It then shows you the revenue difference between your worst and best performing device/browser and demonstrates the revenue increase you could benefit from. Find out more about how you can truly transform your digital performance here.

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