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Why Cart Abandonments are NOT the Bermuda Triangle of ecommerce

by Amy Montague, 13th June 2019

Up to 80% of customers disappear during the final stages of their purchase. For many businesses, end-of-purchase cart abandonments are a bit like the Bermuda Triangle, consumed by unanswered questions and varying theories.

A perfect storm of reasons contributes to your customers leaving your site before they purchase. And only a search and destroy mentality can give you the upper hand.

Why do your customers bolt at the point of purchase?

Before answering this question, it’s important to note that not every cart abandonment will be the result of ecommerce retailer faults. Things like holidays and flights have much higher bounce rates because they require more research and cost a fair wedge of cash. Abandonments can also be explained by customers who are simply” digital window shoppers”.

Now for the bad news. These exceptions aside, ecommerce retailers are often missing a trick at some point in the customer journey which is putting their target demographics off. Anything from arduous checkout processes to inflated shipping costs to security concerns can lead your audience astray.

Unfortunately, pinpointing these issues involves a bit more exploration, as it’s unlikely that all your device and browsers combinations will present the same problem. What an iPhone 5S user experiences will be different from what a Samsung Galaxy S8 user experiences, and so on.

Of course, this makes the exact reasons for cart abandonment much more difficult to find. Google Analytics provides high-level data about your conversions on a certain device, but it doesn’t dig deep enough for you to turn your fortunes around. So, what is the answer?

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The importance of deep analytics

As we frequently stress, no one in retail or ecommerce has a divine right to survive. The harsh reality is that if you’re not innovating and implementing industry best practices, you won’t be around for long – even if your conversions and revenue are looking healthy right now. This is because, by not delving deeper into your analytics, you’re needlessly turning down even better conversion rates and revenue; things that could guarantee a prosperous future for your company.

The truth is that cart abandonment can only be explained by comprehensive web testing strategies and deep analytics tools which leave no stone unturned when it comes to UX. This combination will tell you the exact point when customers are bolting from your site, on which devices and browsers this is a problem and how to quickly and effectively solve the issue.

Trust us, you can afford it

Gaining access to these tools requires investment and very few ecommerce retailers have the capacity to throw bags of money around. But there is a cost-effective solution to comprehensive web testing and deep analytics. Digivante’s network of over 55,000 professional testers and real users will help you pin down why every customer is abandoning their basket. What’s more, our Revenue Calculator employs deep analytics to find critical issues on every device and browser your customer is using. This will ensure that no customer who intends to buy will be persuaded otherwise.

But ultimately, the decision is yours – either accept that basket abandonments are the Bermuda Triangle of ecommerce or get ahead of your competitors today.

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