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Your Long-Term Guide to eCommerce Growth

by Digivante, 26th December 2018

UK consumer habits are changing. With 1 in 3 purchases done on mobile, the ecommerce wave continues to grow and businesses are expected to keep up or face extinction. For brands looking to take over the digital world or develop their digital performance, a long-term ecommerce strategy will ensure continuous growth.
‘Pocket shoppers’ are quickly becoming the largest consumer group in the world, as their habits and preferences change the way brands digitally target and retain online customers. With multiple payment methods available to users throughout the day, there is no longer a need for cash in hand transactions. From paying rent to buying breakfast, every single purchase can be digitalised offering more security, ease of use and quicker account balance tracking. Ground down into its finest elements, the digital world is highly favoured due to its rapidity, informative control and connectivity.

Using these three aspects you can begin to develop your ecommerce plan and start taking over the digital consumer world.

But how can they be integrated into your long-term plan?

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Within the UK, trends surrounding branded in-app purchases are slowly taking over website-based purchases due to their ease of use, speed, mobile optimisation and personalisation. This eradicates any user frustrations which would lead to page or cart abandonment. It all comes down to understanding your audience’s point of view.

Top 10

Here are the top 10 customer focused basics you should integrate into your site for long-term ecommerce growth:

  1. Making the login process quicker and simpler to use
  2. Faster payment processing
  3. Having a PayPal option on all websites
  4. Not having to repeatedly input information
  5. Rewards for loyalty
  6. Faster loading times
  7. Mobile optimisation
  8. No adverts
  9. Live chat for help
  10. Remove the need to sign up

Your customers love quick, simple apps which make the customer journey process intuitive. Understanding and testing your user journeys out-of-house will be a key factor in your ecommerce growth plan, separating you from your competition.

Out-of-house testing eradicates any bias, which could infringe your testing results and will extensively examine natural customer journeys. For ecommerce companies determined to grow, out-of-house testing is a must with companies such as Dyson, Simon Jersey and Il Makiage already utilising external testing communities.


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