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“I’ve worked with third party testing suppliers in the past and it’s about doing your due diligence, being very specific around what both parties expect and ensuring it is a partnership. The only way you can do that is to build the relationship, trust and have clearly defined goals in terms of what you expect to happen on both sides. We got that right and the results speak for themselves.

Emma Murphy, Programme Manager, Textlocal






Testing Types

Regression Testing


SMS Platform UK & India


  • Increase release velocity aided by reducing the time taken to test
  • Reduce test execution time to increase release velocity
  • Zero P1 issues in live
  • Improve test coverage


  • Reduced test execution window from 2 weeks to 72 hours (79% reduction in time to test)
  • Updated regression pack quality has improved to a pass rate increase of 30%
  • Reduced P1 issues found & hot fixes being required in production


Alongside an ambitious roadmap, Textlocal aimed to increase market share by delivering an improved user experience to their customers, as well as both improving existing and developing exciting new functionality.

With a lean and talented internal team, there simply wouldn’t be enough hours in the day to carry out the depth of testing to make this quality-focused business comfortable while working within the timelines laid out in the roadmap.


With a complex platform that has a huge number of variables, account types, rules etc. it had been a real challenge for anyone outside the organisation to understand the platform well enough to test it effectively.

This platform, their Messenger application, allows their clients to bulk send personalised SMS messages. It also has separate variants for their main markets (UK and India) meaning that a large volume of very detailed and complex tests must be carried out for every major release – an effort that took their internal team up to 2 weeks to complete.

The Textlocal roadmap was put together with two main goals to help them increase market share. These were:

    • Improve user experience
    • Develop new functionality

To deliver on this, there needed to be extensive testing carried out alongside every release to ensure that the other goal of zero P1 issues in production was met.

On a final point to note, in the long term the team wanted to work towards automating a lot of their testing, something made impossible by the amount of time spent carrying out manual tests to cope with demand from the business.


In order to deliver on the roadmap, the full regression test needed to take 72 hours rather than the 2 weeks it took the internal team.

Digivante took the existing regression pack and worked alongside Textlocal’s Test Manager to update it. In the process, the Digivante team were able to learn the system and write a regression pack that was written in a manner so that the test cases could be executed by any professional tester with no prior experience on the platform. This not only allowed the Digivante Community to test, but also ensured any new starters to Textlocal require less domain knowledge to test the system effectively – reducing their onboarding time.

“One of our objectives is speed of delivery, so it does mean we were able to do more regular and efficient deployments, so it not just took the overhead off the testing but also improves the quality of it as well. It helped give us more stability to our process and has totally improved confidence”
Emma Murphy – Programme Manager, Textlocal




Fast forward to today and testing over 300 story points in the form of test cases now takes just 72 hours with Digivante, and just 48 hours of this can take place over the weekend! This means that the full regression test can take as little as 1 working day of execution time. The results of which are found in the Digivante Portal, a simple & easy to use tool that allows users to quickly see the results from a test and get granular details of any defects found.

“I was very sceptical to begin with, but once I got into your Portal I was able to see the way things were happening. It is a piece of software enabling you to check the results on a step by step basis was incredibly powerful and really good. I was quickly able to develop a process for going through and looking at the results from the test and I could make really good observations of what was going on”

Andy Ballinger – Test Manager, Textlocal



At Digivante one of the things we feel is most important is that before partnering with us, it is completely clear how the relationship will work, what each parties’ roles & responsibilities are and what the process will look like. It is also important that the test community’s credentials are discussed, how we ensure their quality and the fact that every client will have a dedicated Test Lead at Digivante to manage the test process on their behalf.

With Textlocal this came in the form of 2 workshops, the first to understand the existing process, then the second to introduce their Digivante Test Lead and walk them through how we would go about the entire testing process. This allowed both parties to understand each other in great detail and led to a clear test approach that everyone bought into.

“Digivante took time to explain in a lot of detail how it works, they talked about the different tester levels and various paces and tests that your testers are put through. Digivante explained exactly how it works, the checks you do on the testers, the fact we would have a dedicated internal Test Lead to coordinate things” 

Emma Murphy – Programme Manager, Textlocal


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