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The Clam XAV 3 Revolution

Discover how Canimaan Software prepared their biggest antivirus product update since 2009 with the help of the Digivante platform.

What is Clam XAV3?

Canimaan’s newest product, Clam XAV3, was set to be the largest update since 2009, so they had to find a testing company which could handle the scale of their new release, placing emphasis on Mac devices running Mac OS 10+.

The Challenge

Motivated to promote trading with British companies, Canimaan sought out a respectable testing business which could adjust to their needs fluently. Upon recommendation, Canimaan used the community-sourced testing company, Digivante.


The process

– 61 Testers were used to test browsers and devices, including Sierra, Mac OS and Windows devices.
– Over 3 days worth of testing, the testers discovered 28 bugs and in total 183 hours of testing was performed.
– Among the 28 bugs found, page crashes, incorrect results and layout issues were highlighted.

The results

Using the Digivante’s testing community prevented critical issues from slipping through the seams creating a negative user experience and maintaining Canimaan’ s high profile prestige.

The Digivante portal gave Canimaan clear visual data of bugs, which developers could review and update. At the end of testing Canimaan felt confident in their product launch and avoided bad reviews, both in the media and online.


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  • Strong competition in the anti-virus marketplace meant that testing had to be quick, effective and secure.

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