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How Did Figleaves Increase Mobile Conversion By 12%?

Who Are Figleaves?

Figleaves take on global expansion with Digivante

As the first ever internet retailer to specialise in lingerie and with an estimated yearly revenue of £31.6 million in 2018, the Figleaves brand is clearly not afraid of taking on new challenges with great success.

This determination was tested once again as they planned to expand their product range, and national and international scope.

The Challenge

Under the ownership of brand conglomerate JD Williams, Figleaves began mapping out aggressive growth targets that coupled with their planned expansion during the early months of 2018.

Release programs were implemented, and QA teams reviewed. At the forefront of the company’s mind were their loyal, repeat customers and ensuring that these users were not negatively affected during the development stage was paramount.

From here, Figleaves began outsourcing ways for external testing experts to join with their internal QA teams, ensuring scalability and quality were matched across the board. After reviewing multiple testing partners, including JD Williams’ testing agency, Figleaves selected Digivante due to their sizeable testing teams and working flexibility.

The Next Steps

Since working together from March 2019, Figleaves and Digivante mapped out test processes and trialled different methods in which both parties could ensure a high-quality digital performance for all online users. Together they constructed a personalised regression testing program which would allow for multiple code drops every month ensuring the site stayed up to date and active.

Digivante arranged for these code drops to then undergo a 72-hour exploratory test with the authenticated results then being passed back to Figleaves’ internal teams to resolved. Once completed Digivante then ran an extensive scripted test ensuring the quality of the website and putting a gold seal on the sites’ digital performance.

The Results

Figleaves are confident that their users experience high-quality digital performance whilst being on their site, and that any issues which are identified are quickly resolved through the use of Digivante’s regression testing solution.

Since joining together with Digivante, Figleaves have seen substantial conversion increases, including android mobile conversions increasing by 17%, mobile being up by 12% and iPad conversions increasing by 9%.

This level of conversion increase across the board, evidences the positive results digital performance optimisation through web testing brings in and provides ease of mind for any brand looking to grow or future proof their business.

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  • We’ve been really impressed with just how flexible Digivante have been when it comes to tailoring and tweaking their approach to best fit our needs. No request or suggestion has been too small, and they are constantly looking to improve how we work together.

    Richard Lavelli - Product Owner

  • We’ve seen some great benefits too – we had ambitious plans to double our development resource, and this was only possible by making use of the testing speed and volume that Digivante have provided us.

    Richard Lavelli - Product Owner

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