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How did Kuldea Use Web Testing to Furnish their Website to Perfection?

Who is Kuldea?

Kuldea is an online marketplace and comparison website for home furniture and furnishings. The company began developing the platform after experiencing difficulty furnishing their own home in 2017.

The Challenge

With their website launch on the horizon, Kuldea’s in-house web testing could no longer provide large scale testing due to limitations in time, resources and funding. But with the holiday season quickly approaching, Kuldea needed to find a reliable and quick testing community which could deliver the testing they needed.

The process

With a tight deadline quickly approaching, Kuldea joined together with Digivante and entrusted them to perform all of their testing needs.

The results

An extensive test was conducted across the site using 232 testers, deployed to cover a large range of devices and platforms at scale. Digivante’s testing community explored a multitude of different customer journeys spanning global users, which were then authenticated and ranked on the Digivante Portal.

Without thorough web testing we would have disregarded a large percentage of customers still using Internet Explorer and other out dated versions of web browsers. Unbeknown to us this would have impacted our UX rating and possible revenue.


  • Digivante surpassed our expectations, delivering large scale testing 4 weeks earlier than previously proposed and in time for the Christmas ecommerce spike. We could achieve an extra month of sales, which wouldn’t of been possible without Digivante’ help. Digivante had the most comprehensive testing solution and review platform.

    Raymond Wright, Co-founder & Managing Director at Kuldea

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