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Who is Strawberry Soup?

Strawberry Soup is a digital marketing agency specialising in branding, strategy and planning, website design and development, and app creation. Previous clients include M&S, The Body Shop and Pearson.

The Challenge

Strawberry Soup needed to provide their customers with security and high-quality user experiences on their websites. However, they lacked the time and staff needed to perform such a big task, so they relied on Digivante to provide them with the tools and support they needed.

The process

Digivante quickly began transforming the company’s websites with 449 testers. The goals were to ensure user security, provide a stress-free customer journey and to highlight any conversion issues which could lead to customers abandoning the website. Using a community of testers within 3 days Digivante delivered a completed functional test, which was categorised and replicated for accuracy.

The results

– Across the two websites 274 user experience issues were encountered.
– 67 conversion issues were discovered.
– 1 critical issue was uncovered.

In just 3 days Digivante’s 449 testers performed 183.9 working days worth of work and uncovered 432 issues.




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  • It's about giving our clients the confidence and security in our products

    Keith McGregor, Managing Director of Strawberry Soup

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