Streamlining DevOps testing with a suite of proven APIs

The challenge

DevOps testing holds the promise of eliminating bottlenecks as each new code deployment is automatically checked against existing tests.

In the real world, complex challenges undermine the DevOps goal of high quality, at speed and at scale. Technical challenges include manually defining and testing automated tests to ensure they will work, while many test scenarios simply cannot be automated.

Meanwhile, the backlog grows as continual change outstrips the ability to deliver automated tests.

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Our expertise

The Digivante DevOps testing service provides a fully documented set of APIs to define tests, run criteria, initiate the execution and retrieve the results as execution progresses. This allows functional scripted and exploratory testing to be managed by API.

The APIs integrate into build processes. The pipeline processes pass across information and initiate the tests via the API, while testers can retrieve the results and evidence in the same way.

Our services for DevOps testing

Digivante DevOps testing provides a way of interfacing with Digivante services for modern use cases, such as CI/CD:

Accessibility Testing

In accessibility testing, the IDs are retrieved and executed as needed. These can be integrated into a build process and accessibility issues check, including a new build

Manual Scripted Testing

Testers provide tests via the APIs along with full details. These are linked to a product that contains instructions to be used each time a new set of tests is run. Once added, these can be executed in the form of a test run

Regression Testing

Once tests have been provided via the API, we can retrieve their IDs. These are saved and added to a new test run. By being integrated into build pipelines, tests can be continually run every time a new build occurs

Cross Browser Testing

The devices and browsers to be tested can be set through the APIs , either as a one-off or for continual regression testing

Exploratory Testing

Our community testers find issues within the scope, via the API. The client system listens for defects/report failures into logging systems, and continually checks and retrieves issues raised via the APIs

Contact Us

Get in touch and we’ll call you back to discuss how Digivante supports DevOps by delivering:

  • A cost-effective solution to improve quality earlier in the software delivery lifecycle
  • Complementary resources for businesses needing to test critical scenarios but lacking the capacity to automate tests
  • Fast initiation of new tests by our global community of testers, with rapid results