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Amy Montague

Amy Montague

Amy is an English Language graduate, developing her career in marketing – she brings many strengths to Digivante, such as her creativity, technical wizardry and sharp design skills. As Digivante’s marketing executive Amy’s role focuses on creating digital marketing campaigns – she is involved in blogging, maintaining our social media presence, email marketing, case studies, ebooks, and everything in between.
As Digivante continues to grow, her colleagues have helped allowed Amy to gain a greater understanding of the strategic side of the business as well as the implementation.

More Articles By Amy

  • Is This The End Of All Website Bugs?

    Is This The End Of All Website Bugs?

    by Amy Montague, 10th September 2019

    As software development grows in complexity, creating stunning end results for users, the growing number of interactions inevitably produces bugs. The constant disruption of updates and new functionalities means bugs become more common and revenue...

  • The Home Of Entertainment Is Moving Out

    The Home Of Entertainment Is Moving Out

    by Amy Montague, 5th September 2019

    Much has changed since HMV’s glory days during the late 1980s. As Oxford Street closed and the world’s largest record store opened, red carpets were rolled out and Bob Geldof performed in front of tens...

  • September Update 2019

    September Update 2019

    by Amy Montague, 3rd September 2019

    Summer is coming to an end and already online retailers are planning out their seasonal sales. But as customer expectations get harder to match, with increased functionalities needed throughout the user journey, some brands are...

  • 16 Steps to an error-free website

    16 Steps to an error-free website

    by Amy Montague, 29th August 2019

    Engaging content and trend-setting products aren’t the only factors turning your users from browsers into buyers. Digital natives expect seamless transitions during their customer journeys and crave positive online experiences, changing them from one-off buyers...

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