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Digivante have developed a digital performance platform to help you optimise your customer experience proactively to assess, test and accelerate your digital performance. Our community of professional testers, security experts and real users, we will give you the actionable insight you need to compete.

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  • Are you launching a new site?

    Are you launching a new site?

    by Digivante, 18th January 2019

    Your website is set to launch within a few weeks and as the days count down excitement builds within your business. Just one more thing to do, make sure everything works. No matter how far...

  • How to Rise From the Ashes of 2018’s Sales Fall

    How to Rise From the Ashes of 2018’s Sales Fall

    by Digivante, 15th January 2019

    2018’s seasonal sales failed to hit their forecasted targets as consumer concerns coupled with unsatisfactory online experiences led to an underwhelming year for many retail businesses.For those already on the brink of administration, 2018’s bleak...

  • You’ve Been Hacked

    You’ve Been Hacked

    by Digivante, 10th January 2019

    Data breaches have steadily risen since January 2017, with almost 90% of ecommerce logins coming from hackers using stolen data. Many of these breaches have occurred due to holes in payment methods, which could have easily been...

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