Identify obstacles to fast online revenue growth

Undetected, and therefore unaddressed, anomalies on your ecommerce website have a huge impact on online sales and revenues. You cannot fix a problem if you are unaware that it exists.

Do you know what’s stopping your lowest performing platform, device and browser combinations matching your highest performing combinations for online conversions?

Do you know how the ‘stickiness’ of your site compares with your competitors’ ecommerce presence? It can be difficult, if not impossible, for any enterprise to access this commercially sensitive information.

Digivante convert

Our expertise

Using deep analysis of the data for user behaviour on your website, Digivante can help rapidly reveal the hidden problems undermining conversions.

We provide solid intelligence on whether your ecommerce website is reaching its full potential. You gain unprecedented insight to identify quick wins and target underperforming areas to boost revenues. You acquire valuable understanding of how your online performance matches others in your sector.

Digivante convert

Digivante Convert

The Digivante Convert analysis tool brings clarity to identifying the obstacles to fast online revenue growth and enables you to compare your performance with others in your sector.

Through usability analysis, speed comparison, user feedback and defect identification across the mix of platforms, devices and browsers, Digivante Convert identifies which mix is failing and the associated potential revenue shortfall. You receive a projection of the benefits if you were to address these shortfalls with a remediation strategy.

The benefits of choosing Digivante Convert

– Track trends and understand visitor behaviour: View an instant dashboard visualisation of performance and trends from your site over a chosen timeframe. Then drill down to explore anything that warrants closer investigation.
– Benchmark your business: See how you are performing compared with (anonymised) Digivante customers against criteria such as user conversions, total revenues, and pay-per-click costs for conversions.
– Identify risks – and opportunities: Using sophisticated calculations and built-in algorithms, Digivante Convert presents you with a clear statement of how much revenue you could be losing annually, based on common platform/device/browser combinations that are your best and worst performers.


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