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If you were working in a bricks and mortar store and you saw someone struggling to get into the shop, you would help them. In the online world, with the massive number of variables in device, browser versions, OS, payment methods and languages – it’s not easy to do the same.

Let’s assume you have a critical bug on your site that hits certain android users during checkout. This is damaging your sales but you haven’t noticed because customers haven’t complained or your call centre hasn’t passed this on. It simply becomes part of the background average conversion on your site – because unlike the retail store owner, you might not be seeing the problem.

Finding and fixing these holes provides a massive revenue opportunity. That’s where the Digital Revenue Calculator and our unique testing solution comes into its own.




Revenue Calculator

What we do for you

Using data from your Google Analytics we dig into the performance of champion and challenger devices and browsers in particular segments (Windows, Macs, Android, Samsung etc). We analyse conversion rate, average order value, cost per conversion and bounce rates at granular device levels to identify quick win opportunities. For example, Windows Chrome is converting 42% below Edge.

We then use your own web analytics data to model the revenue uplift should the under-performing device reach parity with the champion. In the example above, Chrome converting at the same level of Edge would increase revenue by £53,000 per month. This equips you with the insight and business case required for further investigation.

Using past analytics data we are also able to benchmark your online performance at device level against the average and market leader in your sector.

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  • “Thanks to Digivante's validation and ranking of bugs, we were able to maximise conversions.”

    Richie Jones, Head of eCommerce, Jane Norman

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  • “Digivante play such an important part in the Audi digital strategy. Digivante cover off all the testing for us and produce results back to us with the highlighted issues within days.”

    Anthony Roberts, Head of Digital, Audi

    Case Studies

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