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  • Why Digital Trust Is Reducing Your Revenue

    Why Digital Trust Is Reducing Your Revenue

    by Digivante, 17th September 2019

    New research from Microsoft has discovered that brands are at risk of losing consumers’ trust online over the sharing of customer data. Microsoft Advertising’s bi-annual Digital Trends Report has revealed a 25% difference between what consumers are...

  • Mobile Banking Paranoia

    Mobile Banking Paranoia

    by Amy Montague, 18th July 2019

    With more than half of us choosing to do our banking online, and 90% of us preferring mobile banking apps to physical banks, the way we bank and manage our money is drastically changing. Mobile...

  • It’s All About Speed

    It’s All About Speed

    by Digivante, 17th December 2018

    In the modern world, we like everything to be done and done quickly as we go about our busy lives, staying ahead of the rat race. And we expect our technology to follow. Slow websites...

  • Why Isn’t My Conversion Rate Increasing?

    Why Isn’t My Conversion Rate Increasing?

    by Digivante, 12th December 2018

    You’ve tried everything from SEO to A/B testing and marketing automation, but still, you aren’t seeing the conversion rates you want, so you give in and settle for less. However, fear not all your conversion...

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