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  • March Update 2019

    March Update 2019

    by Amy Montague, 5th March 2019

    Includes exciting changes at Digivante, which gift card bugs reduce your revenue and how to avoid them, and what to check out on our social platforms.  Whether you’ve recently joined us or you’ve been a...

  • Why aren’t your customers converting?

    Why aren’t your customers converting?

    by Digivante, 23rd January 2019

    In an ideal world every visitor to your website would either buy a product or provide personal information to then be used for marketing purposes. However, in the real-world this is never the case and...

  • Are you launching a new site?

    Are you launching a new site?

    by Digivante, 18th January 2019

    Your website is set to launch within a few weeks and as the days count down excitement builds within your business. Just one more thing to do, make sure everything works. No matter how far...

  • Feeling Abandoned?

    Feeling Abandoned?

    by Digivante, 4th January 2019

    During 2018, 75% of shoppers abandoned their shopping carts with 52.3% of all abandonments happening on mobile devices. But why are your customers so willing to abandon their carts? Every industry is different and the same goes...

  • How will your customers be Shopping in 2020?

    How will your customers be Shopping in 2020?

    by Digivante, 2nd January 2019

    From dawn till dusk we are consistently attached to the internet and always finding new ways to integrate digital platforms and functionalities into our lives. But with so much happening all the time, what are...

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