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  • Is This The End Of All Website Bugs?

    Is This The End Of All Website Bugs?

    by Amy Montague, 10th September 2019

    As software development grows in complexity, creating stunning end results for users, the growing number of interactions inevitably produces bugs. The constant disruption of updates and new functionalities means bugs become more common and revenue...

  • August Update 2019

    August Update 2019

    by Amy Montague, 6th August 2019

    As July comes to an end, the inconsistent UK weather remains. Will we have a heatwave? Will there be a thunderstorm? Who knows? But if there’s one thing we do know about, it’s digital performance....

  • Mobile Banking Paranoia

    Mobile Banking Paranoia

    by Amy Montague, 18th July 2019

    With more than half of us choosing to do our banking online, and 90% of us preferring mobile banking apps to physical banks, the way we bank and manage our money is drastically changing. Mobile...

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