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Website Load Testing

Website load testing pushes a website beyond it’s standard capabilities by simulating high traffic influxes, used to uncover a websites breaking point and exposing any bugs that are produced due to stress. Website load testing is particularly useful during peak sales periods and seasonal sales such as Black Friday or Christmas, where traffic spikes and potential revenue increases.

Digivante’s website error testing uses innovative and intrinsic web testing tools to get to the core of your website, exploring revenue and growth boosting solutions. With our community of 55,000 professional testers, we offer more than just bug reports and functional testing. Our solutions use competitor comparisons and industry leading UX resources to increase site engagement, conversions, and user loyalty.

Whether you are looking to re-platform, release a new site or give your site that extra boost it needs to outdo your competitors, our solutions provide you with the tools you need to win-big.

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  • Digivante has allowed us to test quickly and easily, which is key to us to keep our sprints moving quickly. They are able to provide device/browser coverage that far exceeds anything we are able to do on our own, which is critical in the ever-expanding world of mobile.

    Digital Product Manager, Claire's.

  • Great feedback. Digivante enable me to find edge case bugs when internal resource can not achieve this.

    Testing and Development Analyst,

  • Approachable & flexible company. Easy to use Portal. Great concept.

    Performance Test Practitioner, ASOS.

  • Great value for money, impeccable account management, super quick and efficient!

    Head of Digital, JTF

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