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Take the pressure off your digital product launches

Before you get to enjoy wowing customers with cool new features on your ecommerce platform, there are the usual release deadlines, budgets, bottlenecks, workloads, anxieties… Is it good enough to go live? Will it be ready on time? Will it draw positive feedback? Hit revenue targets?

With all these pressures at play, it’s understandable that testing might be the least of your priorities, and you don’t want it to delay that all-important release date.

Digivante is raising the bar for digital quality in ecommerce platforms through fast, fastidious, straight-talking QA. The result? Happier customers, healthier sales.

You’re in good company

More confident decision-making

Speedy testing, at scale

Using our professional community of testers, we can achieve weeks worth of testing in just hours, speeding up your development cycle and allowing you to release to market faster.

Digital quality issues uncovered

We track all issues in our portal, with screenshots and videos to clearly show how to replicate the issue, so your teams know where to concentrate their fixes.

Happier customers, bigger baskets

We test on a huge combination of devices, browsers and operating systems so you can ensure a great digital experience for any customer, no matter what device they’re using.

Expert QA services to transform your digital products

Digivante’s QA and testing services go way beyond making sure new code passes through the next review or sprint. We help you build quality into everything you do, so users get a great experience and you can extend dwell time and increase revenues.


How Specsavers saw testing timescales shrink and QA improve


In just 8 days, Digivante’s professional community performed the equivalent of 365 days of website and app testing


Digivante halved the regression phase from 4-5 days to just 2


Digivante completed over 600 test executions

“For me personally, the greatest gain in working with Digivante is being able to go back to our stakeholders with confidence, assured of the quality of the delivery and with data to back this up.”
Jack Duncan, Acceptance Test Manager, Specsavers

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