Ecommerce conversion optimisation

Customers use a wider variety of devices than you might think. You need to optimise your transactional app or site for all of them, or risk losing conversions and throwing away revenue.

Optimise your digital revenues

Convert by Digivante is a conversion optimisation tool that uses your Google Analytics ecommerce data to identify where specific devices or browsers are converting worse than others. It clearly identifies where you’re leaving easy revenue on the table.

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Convert challenges subjective assumptions that are costing your business

You may rarely test your website on Android devices, because you don’t believe the Android conversion rate is ever as good as on iOS. But evidence shows us that in many cases that it exceeds iOS by quite a margin.

Many organisations only run tests when they change something. But what about browser and device updates that happen outside your control? Often, you’ll find the latest browser versions convert worst. Or your site or app may not display correctly on a new mobile OS version. Users will drop out and you lose engagement and revenue.

You could be costing your business a lot of revenue if you’re not testing on a wide range of devices and browsers, or if you’re failing to analyse ecommerce data at a granular level.

Convert allows you to


Get clear evidence of missed revenue with visualisations showing estimated weekly, monthly and annual losses.


Systematic, detailed analysis compares conversion funnels at device, browser and platform level for a granular understanding of priority areas.


Diagnosis of issues that prevent conversion, Convert shows the most common platform/device/browser combinations that are your best and worst performers.

How Convert works

Identify lost conversions

Convert analyses user sessions and transactions through your site or app to identify lost conversions.


Convert categorises lost conversions by browser, device and OS.

User impact

Convert shows the number of users who would experience the problem from their particular combination of device, browser and OS.

Issues vs impact

Convert prioritises issues with the biggest impact, correlating worst performance with user numbers.

Focus your testing

It allows you to tailor your approach to testing to drive the best ROI.


Prioritise your remediation efforts to benefit the largest user groups first.

The value of Digivante Convert for conversion optimisation

Convert is a powerful, professional analytics and insights tool. Our testing experts use it for fast, accurate and detailed analysis of the causes of your lost ecommerce site conversions. Whether it’s a usability issue, a lack of speed and performance, or hidden errors, defects and anomalies, our team of expert testers will reveal your priorities for improvement.

Google Analytics looks at user sessions and transactions (the ecommerce conversion rate). Digivante’s Convert goes further and puts this data in context. It relates the number of transactions on any given device, browser or operating system to the number of people using that device, browser or operating system. Because there are fewer unique users than there are sessions, it’s a better way to interpret your conversion data.

“Fixing the critical issues indicated by Digivante’s Convert tool saw an astonishing 35% uplift in conversions, in less than four weeks.”

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Specsavers saw testing timescales shrink and UX improve

“For me personally, the greatest gain in working with Digivante is being able to go back to our stakeholders with confidence, assured of the quality of the delivery and with data to back this up.”

Jack Duncan, User Acceptance Test Manager

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For ecommerce and retail companies with a large online presence, Convert is an invaluable tool to pinpoint conversion funnel issues. It gives prioritised, tangible recommendations for improving conversion rates.

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