Flexible testing supports ScS replatforming

In the summer of 2020, ScS sought support for an extensive replatforming project, with the two-fold goal of expanding testing coverage across a broader range of devices and browsers, while reducing the testing window from days to hours.


Audi’s high brand expectations

For Audi’s first ecommerce platform, a great first impression was critical. Ensuring the new site worked across hundreds of devices with limited internal resources and tight deadlines meant that testing had to be effective and efficient in order to meet the brand’s high expectations.


ClamXAV tests its largest update

Motivated to promote trading with UK companies, Canimaan lacked the time and internal resources needed to perform adequate testing. Digivante came highly recommended to them.


Relaunching Il Makiage web presence

With limitations in device coverage and time, plus the risk of browser blindness, Il Makiage turned to Digivante to perform community-based professional website performance testing.