System testing

End-to-end testing to validate your software investment.

The challenge

When your developers have worked hard to produce new software code to tight deadlines, essential pre-launch testing cannot be allowed to extend time-to-market.

Testing the complete and fully integrated product reveals any issues that could potentially affect usability, stability and security, including system performance under pressure. But equally, testing must be executed to rapid timescales.

Our expertise

Digivante assists world-leading companies to bridge the gap between development and optimisation of the customer experience, verifying that newly released code works as expected in the real world and bringing any exceptions and anomalies to light.

We perform system testing in an environment that is as close as possible to the production environment, giving you a comprehensive idea of how your software will be received and how your users will react. This keeps post-deployment troubleshooting and support calls to a minimum.

Our expert team applies known best practices for system testing to execute test cases at speed without any compromise on quality. We can also carry out test case writing, working closely with your team to convert user stories or requirements into test cases, and can also modify your existing test cases for execution by our testing community.

Digivante’s services for system testing

Listening carefully to your requirements, we recommend services that will support your journey to continuous product improvement. These include:

  • Cross-browser testing – for a consistent user experience across multiple platforms

  • Exploratory testing – rigorous testing to develop robust apps and websites

  • Test planning – getting testing right, right from the start

  • Writing test cases – best practice applied throughout this essential phase in the QA lifecycle

Real client use case

Agile delivery issues

Our client was finding that there was a disconnect between the third-party development team and their internal business team. On investigation during a static review of requirements, we found that stories were not being updated and differing assumptions were being made by the development team and product owners. Neither team knew who was responsible for updating stories with changes and ensuring that the business understood the impact – a common issue with agile delivery, especially if a company is new to the use of this agile methodology.

Business requirements

As we write the test cases to carry out in sprint testing, we need to understand the stories fully in order to ensure the correct coverage and risk assessment. By walking through the delivery process and documenting responsibilities, hand offs and stage, we are able to ensure the delivery is as per the business’ requirements.

Rapid delivery

There was some initial concern that things may slow down, but actually doing things right and ensuring people understand what’s happening, actually allows for better quality and less time wasted on revisiting stories.

Digivante helps you quickly achieve your testing goals while building confidence that your software has been rigorously tested

• Tests executed 24/7 by our global community for coverage, quality and speed.

• Assurance that the functional requirements and specifications are met.

• Clear documentation with supporting evidence of defects identified, providing actionable feedback for the development team.

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