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Cross-browser testing

For maximum customer conversion and revenue, you need to deliver a friction-free customer experience. Make sure everyone gets that every time, with thorough site and app testing across many different devices, operating systems and browsers.

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Users access your content in different ways

Based on your experience, you might think that the core functionality on your site or app works perfectly. But with today’s proliferation of devices and browsers, that’s a dangerous belief. You can’t assume that everyone’s using Chrome, or owns the latest iPhone, or hasn’t yet upgraded to Windows 11.

With cross-browser testing (or compatibility testing) you can uncover issues on specific devices, browsers or operating systems, so you can fix them before they affect your customers.

Digivante’s cross-browser testing delivers

Systematic testing

We test across a defined range of device and browser combinations in a variety of real-world use cases and record the outcomes clearly.

Insight into priorities

Using Google analytics data, we can help you identify your top converting browsers and devices, so you know the most valuable combinations to prioritise for future releases.

Lost revenue

We can identify browsers and devices where you’re losing revenue because of a poor experience, so you can rectify your site or app quickly.

How we work with you

We help you ensure your digital product works as it should across a wide range of devices and browsers.

Define test cases

Our consultants work with you to define test cases for thorough and comprehensive validation.


We use the test cases to check consistency of user experience across your chosen devices, operating systems and browser combinations.

Broad coverage

We execute a broad coverage of your website or app, including payment processing where applicable (including in-browser, Apple Pay and Google Pay).


We test your site or app across a minimum of 25 device and browser combinations.

Pinpoint improvement

Our tests pinpoint the browsers, devices or operating systems on your site or app needs improvement.

Full reporting

You receive a clear, actionable report detailing the issues to address.

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The value of Digivante as your cross-browser testing partner

No emulator, however good, can produce the same quality of experience that users get from a device and its browser. That’s why we test on real devices in the real world, harnessing the skills of our global community of tens of thousands of professional testers.

The defects that our community of testers find are moderated before we report back to you. We ensure they can be reproduced, are clear, prioritised and actionable. That means you can quickly deploy your plan of action to address the top issues first.

“The resource available from Digivante is vast and covers almost every scenario for devices and technology. This has most certainly allowed us to release large projects as bug-free as they possibly could be, going on to generate a healthy ROI for our business.”

Martin Varey, Senior Online Trading Executive at ScS

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Shift left/right cross-browser testing

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Shift cross-browser testing left

If your developers want to test on a greater range of devices during the process, Digivante can work with you earlier in the development cycle to check for issues that could influence design and build.

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Shift cross-browser testing right

Once your current release is live, how can you make sure it continues to perform as designed even when someone’s upgraded to the next iOS or Windows? And how about the customers who use older devices? It’s a mistake to underestimate their numbers and value. As you evolve your functionality, you need to make sure you don’t lose any of them. With Digivante’s cross-browser testing, you can harness our QA community to run real-world tests post-release to verify performance.

Frequently asked questions

What testing capabilities do you cover?2022-01-06T10:30:35+00:00

Our testing capabilities are listed here. We cover a broad range including regression testing, accessibility testing, test automation, usability testing and more. We provide consultancy, service management and team augmentation. We deliver crowdtesting through our global Digivante professional tester community.

Is outsourced web testing secure?2022-01-06T10:28:19+00:00

We know that confidentiality is a real concern when using remote testers. Our business depends on making our testing service secure so you can be certain we take the greatest care to provide exceptionally secure systems and services. We use three-way contractual protection between the customer, the testing organisation and the testers themselves. We’ve worked with leading household names, from Microsoft and Metro Bank to Audi and Specsavers. They trust us to keep their testing secure and confidential.

We don’t release new features that often, so why do we need a testing partner?2022-01-06T10:12:08+00:00

Even if you don’t release new features often, the digital access points that people use to experience your website or app are constantly evolving. You need to be sure that everything works when a new browser update goes live or a new mobile OS is released. You need to know how your digital products respond on new devices when they launch.

Why should I outsource testing when I have a QA team in house?2022-01-06T10:16:49+00:00

Outsourcing your testing can bring economies of scale, efficiency and speed. It gives you access to a large variety of testing techniques and resources. If you have a small internal team you may not be able to do the breadth or depth of testing you really need before releasing a digital product. Outsourcing your test may save you money because you can apply the right type of testing at exactly the time you need it, without holding up development. You may be able to perform the testing earlier in the software development lifecycle too. Recruiting experienced testers can be hard. Outsourcing your testing takes that headache away.

What is ‘push and pray’ and what are the risks of the approach?2022-01-06T10:17:19+00:00

Push and pray means a software development team rushes to release a digital product without doing enough testing. They make the product live and hope for the best. The risks are significant. If you don’t look for issues or errors before customers find them, you’ll create a lot of dissatisfaction and potentially lose customers and revenue.

Our web development partner handles all our testing – why do I need to consider a separate testing provider?2022-01-06T10:12:50+00:00

There’s a risk when you allow developers to ‘mark their own homework’. A fresh set of eyes will catch errors that the web developers won’t see. Independent testing gives you peace of mind that nothing’s been overlooked or hidden.

How will external testers know how to test my website?2022-01-06T10:20:36+00:00

We always provide a clear brief before testing starts, so testers don’t need their own domain knowledge. We specify key focus areas and out of scope areas. We give testers guidance on the type of test. In exploratory testing, website testers have personal freedom to test any areas in scope. Or we can specify a more prescriptive approach, so testers execute specific steps within a test case. A Digivante delivery team member takes responsibility for the test scope and team and manages the quality and outputs.

We have hundreds of issues in backlog – our dev team couldn’t cope with any more2022-01-06T10:10:22+00:00

An overstretched development team can be prone to making more mistakes, which incur costs and lead to even more testing. In our approach to QA, we seek to improve your capacity for dealing with software issues. The test cases we write are clear and simple to follow, even for non-tech people, so it’s easier to prioritise issues and deal with them quickly.

Does Digivante just do crowdtesting?2022-01-06T10:27:23+00:00

No. We use crowdsourced testing for some services, like exploratory testing, executing test cases and accessibility testing. We combine human testing with automated testing, depending on the specific need. But we also support clients with usability testing, test strategy and planning through our team augmentation service. And we provide people to augment client teams, both short-term and long-term.

How many testers are typically used on a project?2022-01-06T10:24:35+00:00

It depends on the project and client requirements, but typically it ranges from as few as 20 testers to as many as 200.

Will website testing disrupt my release schedule?2022-01-06T10:18:54+00:00

Not with Digivante. We work with you to understand your deadlines and constraints and plan our services to meet your targets. Crowdsourced testing can be delivered overnight and at weekends. With our large testing community and efficient techniques, we can carry out extensive testing in a shorter time. It’s not unusual for us to carry out 90 workdays of testing in 3 days, or 5 days of regression testing using traditional testing methods to just 5 hours.

Testing isn’t a priority for our business2022-01-06T10:09:44+00:00

Forgive us if we say that’s a short-sighted attitude. Testing will become a very high priority for your business if you release software and digital products that frustrate customers and constrain their engagement and spending. Put QA into your software development lifecycle early so you’ll catch issues when they’re easy to resolve out of the customer and boardroom spotlight. You’ll avoid major reputational headaches for the business and safeguard your customers’ loyalty.

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Bring Digivante into your team for exceptional QA

Digivante’s cross-browser testing gives you confidence that your site or app enables your customers to transact easily, no matter what device, operating system and browser they use. Request a call from one of our experts.

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