Ecommerce testing services

Increase conversions by ensuring that your ecommerce platforms work exactly as your customers expect on all the devices they use. Digivante ecommerce testing services will identify the issues that frustrate your customers by conducting in-depth crowdtesting on the functionality and usability of your websites and apps.

Rapidly identify & prioritise your conversion blockers

When shoppers visit your ecommerce app or website, guiding them seamlessly along the path to purchase means absolutely everything needs to be optimised – from functionality, to load times, navigation, and on to checkout.

However, many eTailers let their customers (and ultimately themselves) down, by not performing professional ecommerce testing on their desktop and mobile platforms either before or after launch, resulting in glitchy user experiences that drive custom elsewhere. So how do you rapidly (and cost-effectively) identify and prioritise your critical conversion issues?

Meet Digivante ecommerce testing services

Utilising our experienced in-house test managers and our global community of professional software testers, Digivante provides thorough ecommerce testing services.

The power of the crowd means that we can provide (fully-managed) remote testing services across multiple devices in exceptionally short time frames, presenting you with the data you need to optimise customer flows, provide superior experiences and maximise conversions. Popular testing services for ecommerce companies are:

Exploratory testing

Replicate the random, unscripted real-world behaviour and decision-making of your target users to improve conversions and stability. We can select testers who match your audience profile to report on their user experience across any devices or platforms.

Usability testing

Working with real users in their home environment, we document their natural interactions with your website or app and identify issues and turn-offs and customer insights so you can optimise the user experience.

Payment testing

Digivante’s payment testing not only feeds back functional issues, but also incorporates other types of testing such as performance and usability in order to enhance your customer journey.

In-country testing

Know that your orders are being delivered on time, that your CX is good and payment options work – in any location you choose. Digivante’s global testing community can test your ordering, shipping & returns process in remote locations, providing you with crucial feedback on user experience from ‘real’ customers.

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How Digivante helps ecommerce companies

In today’s digital age, where online shopping is now the new norm, ensuring a seamless and bug-free ecommerce & mcommerce experience is vital for the success of any online business. Digivante ecommerce testing services play a crucial role in identifying and resolving potential issues, enhancing user experience, and increasing customer satisfaction and conversions. Let’s explore the key ways in which Digivante ecommerce testing services can help your business thrive.

Issue identification & reporting

Digivante’s testing experts meticulously uncover bugs, glitches, and technical issues within your ecommerce system. They provide detailed bug reports, including steps to reproduce the issues, screenshots, and supporting information, enabling your development team to quickly and effectively resolve the identified problems.

User experience expertise

We specialise and focus on improving user experience to drive engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty. Through usability testing and user feedback analysis, we can identify pain points, navigation difficulties, and areas of improvement within your ecommerce platform.

Continuous testing & support

Digivante offers ongoing support and continuous testing services to ensure the stability and performance of your ecommerce platform. With regular testing cycles, regression testing, and monitoring, they help you identify and resolve issues promptly, even after updates or changes are made to your platform.

Faster time to market

Our crowdsourced website & app testing model enables us to conduct comprehensive testing of your ecommerce assets in exceptionally short time frames – even across weekends. There’s not a minute to lose in online commerce, and we can launch worldwide web and mobile tests with just one hour’s notice and deliver the results in a matter of hours.

Broad device coverage

For the ecommerce sector, 250 different devices require functional website testing to cover 80% of the mobile traffic an online store can expect. This is simply not possible in-house. Our crowdsourced mobile testing teams typically number around 300 individual testers per test. This means that a single piece of software can be simultaneously tested on hundreds of unique devices, quickly identifying where your customers may experience issues so they can be corrected.

Cost-contained pricing

In-house website testing teams are costly. Even if you outsource testing to a traditional company, you will still expect to pay high fees for a service that simply won’t have the global reach and speed of delivery that you need. And this is what makes partnering with Digivante such a sound investment. Our globally deployed crowdsourced testers are paid per bug they find – as opposed to the time they spend testing – meaning that significant savings are enabled and passed on to you.

Digivante’s web and app testing ensures conversion success

Audi is a brand renowned around the world for their cutting edge vehicle design and innovative technology. To reflect their high standards, Audi UK’s new ecommerce platform had to be perfect – from navigation, functionality and usability through to check out. Digivante made sure it was.

Digivante ran a 72-hour exploratory test for Figleaves and the company saw substantial conversion increases as a result. Mobile conversion increased by 12%, with Android mobile conversions alone increasing by 17% and conversions on iPad by 9%.

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Through our global crowd of 55,000+ expert testers across 149 countries, we can ensure your online retailing platforms work on every major device, delivering 50 days worth of testing in just 24 hours or less.

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