Our unique and innovative approach to website and app testing, what and how we deliver to you, and our wide range of interconnected website and app testing services encompasses everything you need to succeed in today’s competitive digital space. With our community of 55,000 carefully managed and vetted professional testers, working in 149 countries, we’ll help you ensure your applications and websites, conversion paths, launches and new functionality work first time, every time.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing uncovers all of the issues that are preventing or discouraging disabled users who might require accessible features when using or purchasing from your site.

But it’s not just your users you need to cater for, you also need to be legally compliant with the WCAG 2.1 guidelines, in order to avoid a costly and potentially damaging lawsuit.

Digital Revenue Calculator

The Digital Revenue Calculator uses data from your Google Analytics to dip into the performance of champion and challenger devices and browsers in particular segments (Windows, Mac, Android, Samsung etc.). We analyse conversion rates, average order values, cost per conversion and bounce rates at granular device levels to identify quick-win opportunities.

Exploratory Testing

Free-range testing for healthier apps and websites.

Exploratory testing is an agile testing methodology that gives skilled testers free-range to explore a website or app. It gives qualified professional testers the freedom to follow their hunches, creativity, product and industry knowledge to uncover potential undiscovered bugs and usability issues. 


Digivante’s fully-managed community of functional testers comprehensively check your application or website to review whether or not it is functionally perfect. We provide you with an internally QAed, triaged and prioritised list of issues – including detailed video evidence and screenshots via our portal – for your developers to work through and fix.

Live Monitoring Testing

Digivante’s live monitoring service provides you with a constant watchdog, guarding against conversion-impacting issues on your website or app.

We can deploy a team of 10 or more testers on a specific application 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our in-house team will identify issues, triage them, and reproduce them with screen recordings and print screens for authentication, segmented via the Digivante portal.

Localisation Testing

For companies with a widespread global audience, translation or dialect issues can be challenging. If you’re lucky, you might have an internal team in each continent, but reaching the linguistic coverage you need to cater to your global audience is near impossible.

Digivante’s localisation testing ensures your website caters to all potential audiences. It covers linguistic, cultural, technical, visual and payment checks, delivering the local knowledge you need to be truly global.

New Functionality Testing

A variety of testing methods to ensure that any new code, new functionality, added e-commerce journeys, payment gateways etc., are all working as they should.

Inappropriate redirects, 404 pages, incorrect filter results, limited platform optimisation, and checkout issues can all reduce your conversion rates and revenue. New functionality testing identifies these issues using non-disruptive methods and orders them using impact analytics.

Payment Testing

With the increase in more complex and country-specific payment options, internal testing of 3rd party payment solutions (such as Google Checkout, PayPal, Barclays EPDQ) or integrated solutions is a challenge that continues to grow by the day. 

Digivante has significant experience delivering payment tests in both pre-production and live environments.

Performance Testing

Performance testing, or software performance testing, is an umbrella term for a number of different tests that can be conducted to evaluate an app or website’s load times and responsiveness under different conditions.

Load testing, stress testing, spike and soak testing, all check for different capabilities and your ability to rise to different business challenges.

Post Implementation Testing

Post implementation testing – or deployment testing – is a concentrated period of testing that follows the deployment of a website or app into the live environment.

A variety of compatibility and exploratory checks identify any deployment or configuration issues in the live environment which may have been obscured in test environments.

Proof Of Concept

At Digivante, we often highlight the benefits of our website testing services with stats such as ‘A 16% conversion increase in 2 weeks’ or ‘Website testing which can save you £30,000 per week’ in lost or hidden revenue. But this can all feel like empty promises, and so to put our money where our mouth is, we offer a free functional Proof of Concept (PoC) website or app test, funded by us as part of our commitment to first class service.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is defined as a type of website and application testing to confirm that any recent new programming or code changes, or key customer journeys, have not or will not be negatively affect and impact existing website or app features or functionality.

Whether deployed fully or partially on a website or application, testing highlights critical issues and bugs with the aim to ensure existing code will still work once the new code is deployed.

Security Testing

Website and app security testing ensures your website is free from any vulnerabilities, threats and risks that could potentially cause catastrophic losses for your company.

Our fully-managed security testing service starts with an analysis and evaluation of the security of your platform. This includes its infrastructure, network, database and exposed application layers.

Technical Website Audit

Our technical website audit service joins together our most powerful testing services, catered for your specific industry, and maps out a testing plan which drives your digital performance from zero to one hundred miles-per-hour.

We work with you and your teams to plan out a strategic approach that is performed through our technical website audit service and includes: functional, usability and exploratory testing, aiming to match your customer expectations and go beyond what’s currently possible.


The Holy Grail of performance website and app testing, our automated testing solution is written by highly experienced developers and testers in Python and uses the Selenium framework, making it super portable for testing website applications. It also means we can provide a highly flexible approach which can be applied in many different ways.


Usability testing is vital to ensure your platform reflects the needs of real users with a smooth and convenient online service closely linked to customer brand loyalty.

Unlike functional bugs, ease of access bugs and issues are subject to emotional opinion and are often brought to attention only when something doesn’t ‘feel right’ or ‘isn’t working’ as users expect.



“Digivante are a strategic partner of ours and shine light on real-world issues across our sites. We trust and rely on Digivante’s unique and alternative test model to bring us back real-world results on every cycle delivered.”

Peter Davies, E-commerce Programme Manager, Superdry

“Digivante plays such an important role in the Audi UK strategy. Digivante cover off all the testing for us and produce results back to us with the highlighted issues within days.”

Anthony Roberts, Head of Digital, Audi UK


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