How we work with you

Digivante provides an advanced testing solution by providing a blend of testing expertise, test management and crowd-testing services at speed. Software tests are executed directly from our platform using our community of vetted, professional testers.

Here’s how we deliver rapid testing solutions as part of your development lifecycle 

Services Team

Digivante’s services team work with you to decipher your challenges and objectives and quickly deliver a comprehensive plan to help you reach your goals.

Expert QA Management

Our in-house QA team deliver our services and ensure results are clear and concise. We work with you to identify defect trends and clusters using our advanced reports. This provides you with valuable and actionable insights to improve your software.

Digivante Platform

Our platform is a central hub for managing test execution providing direct access to the Digivante community and all your test information and results. The platform also integrates with your existing testing tools allowing for seamless defect management.

Digivante Tester Community

With thousands of professional testers spread across the globe, the Digivante community bring you custom, on demand and rapid testing as well as efficacies and industry knowledge to help you deliver faster. Our 3-tier verification is unique and provides the highest quality of defects.

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“We can approach Digivante with almost any requirement, timeframe or type of product and they find the ideal solution. “

Bill Saysell, Lead QA Engineer, Gymshark

Your 10 steps to success

Steps 1 to 7 detail a typical engagement, from initial call to delivery with Digivante and shows you just how quick and hassle-free the onboarding process is. But we don’t leave you in the lurch after the test results are delivered, we support you through steps 7 to 9 right through to success.


1. Intro and Review Call (You & Digivante | up to 1 hour)

An initial call to introduce our team to you and review your problem areas. We will suggest potential solutions that deliver what you need.

2. Service Proposal (Digivante | delivered within 24 hours)

Within 24 hours of the initial intro call, we’ll supply you with a summary of the solution with a quote for services to be delivered.

3. Statement of Work (Digivante | delivered within 24 hours)

We put together a SoW for you containing details of the agreed services and pricing.


4. Scope Call (You & a Digivante QA Manager | 1 hour)

Low-level details are agreed using a Test Plan, testing is executed by the tester community and presented within the Digivante Portal. Live results are available within minutes.

5. Project Set-up (Digivante | 2 hours)

Within the Digivante portal, we configure the project based on the agreed test plan.

6. Results (Digivante | delivered within 24 hours)

When the test is complete, usually within 2 hours, high level test results are emailed to the client and detailed reporting is available within the Digivante portal. Your company is provided with unlimited account access and portal training to allow you to review issues directly.

7. Triage Call (You & Digivante | 1 hour)

We arrange a meeting with you to go through the issues raised and advise you on the best way to tackle your now known issues.

From our initial review call to the client receiving the results and recommendations it takes an average of just 3 days


8. Fix the issues (Your product & development team)

Digivante’s test results reporting is listed in order of severity so you can prioritise the fixes and allocate the correct resources to fix the most important defects.

9. Re-test fixes (Digivante | 2 hours)

Fixed issues are reported back to Digivante and are retested with reporting on either closure or reopened defects.

10. Success! (You & your company)

You reap the benefits of releasing higher quality software at scale, that works and delights on all the devices your customers use..

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