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User insight to increase revenue for Micheldever Tyre Services

As well as its distribution network, Micheldever Tyre Services (MTS) also offers a white-label SaaS ecommerce solution called TyreClick for independent garages, which they can personalise with their own branding and set up to take orders and bookings directly online.


Five’s high-level restructuring and testing plan

Challenged with the ever-evolving needs and high expectations of digital users, as well as fierce competition from the likes of ITV Hub, iPlayer and All 4, Channel 5 began digitally evolving their on-demand app service My5.


Supporting Gymshark’s mobile and desktop web testing

Gymshark’s needed to find a partner to provide testing against the company’s live site across the broad range of devices used by their customers. Five potential partners in total were evaluated before the business was awarded to Digivante.


Flexible testing supports ScS replatforming

In the summer of 2020, ScS sought support for an extensive replatforming project, with the two-fold goal of expanding testing coverage across a broader range of devices and browsers, while reducing the testing window from days to hours.


Audi’s high brand expectations

For Audi’s first ecommerce platform, a great first impression was critical. Ensuring the new site worked across hundreds of devices with limited internal resources and tight deadlines meant that testing had to be effective and efficient in order to meet the brand’s high expectations.


Protecting Bang and Olufsen’s online brand

When Bang & Olufsen were developing their new website, a major concern was about protecting their brand online to ensure it worked across multiple global platforms.


Figleaves’ aggressive growth targets

Figleaves had aggressive growth targets coupled with planned digital expansion. They wanted to ensure current site users would not be negatively affected during the development stages.


Direct Wines focus on online quality

Motivated by quality, Direct Wines began externally sourcing web testing help to identify web site bugs that were harming user experience


ClamXAV tests its largest update

Motivated to promote trading with UK companies, Canimaan lacked the time and internal resources needed to perform adequate testing. Digivante came highly recommended to them.


Relaunching Il Makiage web presence

With limitations in device coverage and time, plus the risk of browser blindness, Il Makiage turned to Digivante to perform community-based professional website performance testing.


Ensuring detailed localisation testing for Simon Jersey

Facing difficulties from their last web launch due to a lack of testing, Simon Jersey was determined to seek out professional testers who could provide a clearly defined, thorough and high-quality testing process.


Strawberry Soup’s focus on quality experiences

Strawberry Soup needed to provide their customers with security and high-quality user experiences on their websites. However, they lacked the time and staff needed to perform such a big task.

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