As well as its distribution network, Micheldever Tyre Services (MTS) also offers a white-label SaaS ecommerce solution called TyreClick for independent garages, which they can personalise with their own branding and set up to take orders and bookings directly online.

An established digital product with potential to meet customer needs better

The TyreClick system has enjoyed continuous growth over the years and the team wanted to focus on improving the upsell opportunity of additional services associated with fast-fit tyre sales for the benefit of their network of retailers.

The website design and functionality was founded on informed assumptions and on benchmarking of similar solutions in the market. MTS was now seeking to further refine aspects of the user journey using a user-centric methodology approach to continue to be a market leading website within the industry. With the project, MTS aimed to build upon its past developments by incorporating more consumer input into their development thinking.

Understanding how customers used the solution in real life

MTS decided to conduct a usability study. Rajinder Bhurji, Senior Digital Marketing Manager from the MTS Wholesale Team, explains, “We wanted to gather more evidence of customer needs, so we could focus our development efforts effectively. We needed an objective approach, which was difficult for us to achieve, because we look at TyreClick day in, day out.”

Rajinder and his team wanted a picture of the current customer journey, segmented by demographic and customer need, showing what was good and what could be enhanced.

Rajinder Bhurji, Senior Digital Marketing Manager says, “We chose to work with Digivante on the strength of their previous projects for other customers. They could really demonstrate the impact of their usability studies, showing how revenue was lost because of issues and the improvements after their recommendations had been implemented.”

Insight from testers with profiles to match TyreClick customers

MTS and their software developers Silkmoth engaged Digivante to conduct a heuristic study alongside a usability study of the TyreClick platform. The heuristic study tested the site’s User Experience (UX) by reviews from industry experts, whereas the usability study reflected views of a targeted user focus group.

The results would give a direct and realistic view of how customers typically purchased online from their homes using digital devices, producing a clear guide for future design and development decisions on the most critical parts of the user journey.

Digivante selected test users from a defined profile consisting of a mix of demographics (age, gender). The range of buyers were both new and experienced in buying tyres online; including both desktop and mobile users.

The users tested specific customer journeys on the TyreClick platform, and provided valuable feedback from their experience. The study was split into two tests – one for car tyres and services and one for motorcycle tyres. Each session was recorded and later analysed by Digivante’s usability experts, using Nielsen’s 10 Principles.

Prioritised recommendations to increase completed customer transactions and ROI

Digivante’s report and recommendations indicated specific areas and features which were causing conflict in the customer journey. These ranged from the technical architecture and design, to the language and instructions and the complexity of the final checkout process page. There were different issues flagged for both the desktop and mobile sites.

Following Digivante’s CRO review, MTS prioritised implementation of changes to the TyreClick final checkout process page. The basket to completion conversion rates rose from 27% to 37% within an initial six-month period. Sales of additional services as an upsell also rose by 19% year on year.

MTS and the Silkmoth team have used the entire report to feed into their strategy and planning for the TyreClick development roadmap, addressing opportunities and other issues in priority order.

Digivante’s difference in communication, teamwork and testing expertise

Rajinder was very pleased with the outcome and execution of the project:

“Working with Digivante was a seamless experience. The Digivante team was able to demonstrate a deep technical understanding and to articulate the results to our senior management team to support the business case. I was impressed with their ability to rationalise and share advice for change.
“I would 100% recommend Digivante as a service provider – due to their competency in business analysis, robust testing ability and discovery skills.”


Basket to completion conversion rates rose from 27% to 37% within an initial six-month period.


Additional services as upsell rose 19% year on year.

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