User experience (UX) testing

Optimising the interaction with your target audience.

The challenge

Usability is just one aspect of user experience testing. Aesthetics, customer service, brand consistency and personal impact are among the many elements that contribute to creating a streamlined user experience.

The challenge is to step into your users’ and customers’ shoes to assess the impact of your website or app and any new features and functionality. You need to view your digital assets with fresh unbiased eyes, with no preconceptions of how content should work.

Our expertise

From our years of testing experience and our wealth of knowledge around the user experience, we apply best practice to help you to create a simple, direct, and positive experience. We ensure navigation flows seamlessly and there are no obstacles to undermine conversions. We help you preserve the quality of your app or website as you innovate over time.

Drawing on our community of 55,000 testers around the globe, we have the scale to form a team to suit any specification or demographics. With the proficiency to test in real time for aspects such as language, layout and workflows, our testers help you to reach out to your extended target audience and successfully engage with them.

Digivante’s services for user experience (UX) testing

With a consultative approach, we listen to your requirements and advise on the services that will best help you determine how your audience interacts with your website and apps. These include:

  • Accessibility testing – guidance to make your digital business inclusive and compliant

  • Localisation testing – local knowledge to help you build a global online brand

  • Test planning – getting testing right, right from the start

  • Usability testing – help to create a seamless, intuitive user experience

Real client use case

Our client has recently added new warehouses in countries they have not worked from previously. They have specific delivery partners with options for next day delivery, collection points etc. Depending on the country, some delivery options, SLAs and pricing may not be appropriate. We are able to identify testers in these countries and have them perform activities that the clients customer would perform. This involves making real live purchases and monitoring tracking information to confirm the delivery timings behave as expected.

We also process returns to ensure the delivery partner collects on time and returns are updated correctly in the customer history and refunds are processed. If the testers believe the delivery options are unsuitable or unrealistic we provide this feedback to the client so can investigate further. The testers also contact the customer support team about orders and feedback on quality of service.

Digivante applies best practice in user experience testing to deliver:

• Unparalleled level of service to enhance the experience of your users and customers.

A holistic and heuristic approach, so you quickly understand how an independent user may view the operation of your site or app.

• A proven track record of tailoring testing to specific requirements, equipping you to make informed adjustments.

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