Crowdtesting community

The Digivante crowdtesting community is global in scale, intensely vetted for quality and able to rapidly deploy to test en masse.

The Digivante crowdtesting community is key to our agile, hybrid approach that blends automation with real-world human experience. A necessary perspective because, after all, your end users are real people.

Large-scale crowdtesting is made possible by experienced website and app testers from all over the world. The members of the community are vetted by a technical exam to ensure the highest quality of skillsets. Fewer than 20% of applicants pass with the high standards to become a tester.

Crowdtesting community reach

Map of Digivante's global tester coverage

Tens of thousands of testers

150+ countries around the world

Coverage of 2,987 different devices

Able to work 24/7 across all time zones

How it works

The Digivante platform is a seamless interface for getting results and insights from crowdtesting.

Both a client’s internal QA team and Digivante’s senior test managers use the Digivante portal to access the community. The platform enables a granular breakdown of any demographic required for testing.

The quality of issues raised are guaranteed by a three factor verification of each issue: first the community raises issues, which are then community assessed (to ensure issues raised are in scope, reproducible, not duplicate), then finally internally reviewed by Digivante senior testers.

Testing capabilities

Identifying problem areas on apps and websites. The community records videos of the bugs and blockers, which are uploaded to the platform so developers can see exactly the issues faced by users.

To ensure accuracy for usability testing, we find real people in real life situations.

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When an organisation is looking to expand a digital service to a new region having members of the community based in that region to test the digital product is an invaluable resource.

Real people can check the work of automation, for example for translations into multiple languages. Members of the community who are fluent in the actual language can check the automated translations for errors in language, content and context.

The community can even do offline testing in real-world tests. For example testing the full process of a buying journey for a new ecommerce website by really buying a product on the website and having products delivered to their house, then return via the returns process, to test the whole process through to last mile and returns.

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(Also know as Compatibility testing) The Digivante community can test the compatibility of apps and websites across all devices and browsers at scale, looking for faults that are unique to specific devices and browsers. The Digivante community covers nearly 3,000 different devices.

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Speed of execution of regression testing is dramatically improved through using the crowdtesting community due to tests raised in parallel, not individually one at a time. It also enables wide device and browser coverage.

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Our Accessibility test pack includes 79 test cases which would take an internal team a long time to do properly (realistically 4-5 days) but can be done simultaneously by the community who can complete it in an hour or two, including all videos and reproduction and the three-factor verification.

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