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Take testing to a different level with Digivante

We combine human and automated testing for a reliable web and mobile app testing solution you can trust with your digital products future.

Expert testing to transform your digital products

Digivante’s website and app testing services go way beyond making sure new code passes through the next review or sprint. We help you build quality into everything you do, so users get a great experience and you can extend dwell time and increase revenues.

Our testing capabilities

Our testing is so much more than simple defect detection. We give your teams rich insight into user issues so they understand your customers’ digital expectations even better and build that knowledge into future development.

Digivante offers fast, thorough, good-value regression testing executed at scale by our professional community of testers. We use test automation where it adds value, delivering maximum value with minimum delay.

Digital accessibility means making sure that your site or app offers a great experience to all your users. Digivante’s accessibility testing covers 79 test cases based on the WCAG guidelines.

Global audiences want to see local knowledge, culture and standards reflected in your website or app. An inauthentic experience can block off opportunities for your brand. We have local testers in market who can test and report on local nuance.

Cross-browser testing (or compatibility testing) uncovers issues on specific devices or browsers or operating systems. You can fix them before they hit the customer and be confident of consistent performance.

Working with real users in their home environment, we document their natural interactions with your website or app and identify issues and turn-offs so you can optimise the user experience.

Replicate the random, unscripted real-world behaviour and decision-making of your target users to improve conversions and stability. We can select testers who match your audience profile to report on their user experience across any devices or platforms.

Digivante has a wealth of testers in our large QA community. We can run testing that would take you days in just a few hours, so you can fix any unforeseen issues before they impact customer experience and revenue.

Because regression testing is time-consuming, it’s a focus for automation. We take a pragmatic approach to test automation; we only use it where it demonstrably adds value and saves time.

Digivante’s payment testing not only feeds back functional issues, but also incorporates other types of testing such as performance and usability in order to enhance your customer journey.

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