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The Digivante platform

The Digivante platform is where all of our technology solutions are managed. Together these solutions deliver the insights and information you need to apply quality engineering practices and principles.

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The Digivante Platform consists of

Testing portal

The portal is how we manage our global crowdtesting community and our tests. View the latest results and insights directly and scale up crowd-testing rapidly when you need it.

Ecommerce conversion analytics

Understand where your website is underperforming on certain browsers or devices and then run cross-browser testing to understand where the issues are.


The Digivante REST API gives you a programmatic method to create and manage your tests, define and execute test runs and retrieve results.

Third-party integrations

Synchronise actionable insights and test results with project management tools such as JIRA and Azure DevOps.

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Digivante testing portal

We built the Digivante testing portal to make it fast and easy for our clients and project leads to identify and act on critical testing information. The Portal consolidates test results, presents findings visually and help you focus on fixing problems rapidly and thoroughly.

Automated reports from the Digivante testing portal summarise actionable insights, putting all the crucial information at your fingertips. They identify trends in quality, risk areas and in functional areas that are very sensitive to change – for example, because they’re regularly regressed in releases.

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“Thanks to Digivante’s large community of professional testers, 385 man-days of website and app testing were performed in just eight days.”

User Acceptance Test Manager, Specsavers

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3rd party API and integrations

The Digivante REST API gives you a programmatic method to create and manage your tests, define and execute test runs and retrieve results. The interface supports common use cases such as using the Digivante testing community regularly for regression scenarios in CI/CD deployments, or pushing tests to the Digivante community via project or test management tools.

While the Digivante testing portal is designed to stand alone, it has the flexibility to integrate smoothly with other tools through the REST API. Many software development teams organise their workflow using project management tools such as JIRA and Azure DevOps. The integrations allow you to synchronise actionable insights and test results with these tools from the Digivante platform.

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Ecommerce conversion analytics platform

Included on the Digivante platform is our Convert tool for ecommerce conversion analytics. The tool is an essential part of our QA toolkit, which analyses your Google Analytics ecommerce data to pinpoint devices or browsers that are converting poorly. Through this we can get laser-focused on which devices to run test cases to identify unknown issues.

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“Working with Digivante allows us to identify bugs and potential issues with the user experience that we wouldn’t have spotted on our own. What’s more, the issue reports are easy to manage and very clear to understand, which makes it so much easier to resolve any issues.”

Martin Varey, Senior Online Trading Executive, ScS

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Bring Digivante into your team for exceptional QA

The Digivante Platform gives you an advantage when it comes to testing agility, speed, scalability and direct access to real-time insight. It’s specifically built to meet client needs and can integrate with your own testing tools if needed. Request a call from one of our experts to find out more.

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