Agile delivery

Develop customer-centric products with maximum efficiency.

The challenge

Based on your experience, you might think that the core functionality on your site or app works perfectly. But with today’s proliferation of devices and browsers, that’s a dangerous belief. You can’t assume that everyone’s using Chrome, or owns the latest iPhone, or hasn’t yet upgraded to Windows 11.

With cross-browser testing (or compatibility testing) you can uncover issues on specific devices, browsers or operating systems, so you can fix them before they affect your customers.

Our expertise

From our experience in agile testing delivery, we help ensure that your target audience has a smooth, intuitive experience, while your business benefits from the savings in time, budget and resource that agile delivery brings.

Agile testing that keeps pace with development is a crucial element of our comprehensive support offering for agile delivery. We augment your own resources from our internal teams and from our global community of testers. This gives us the flexibility to perform agile testing both in sprint and out of sprint by delivering testing dynamically.

More broadly, we can help ensure that agile processes are implemented successfully across the whole delivery cycle, from planning to release management. We can review your existing processes to advise on how best to improve agility and efficiency.

Digivante’s services for agile delivery

Among the testing services available to support your teams in the agile delivery of new software products and features, we offer:

  • Accessibility testing – guidance to make your digital business inclusive and compliant

  • Cross browser testing – for a consistent user experience across multiple platforms

  • Exploratory testing – rigorous testing to develop robust apps and websites

  • Localisation testing – local knowledge to help you build a global online brand

  • Payment testing – to help ensure existing and new payment methods work as expected

  • Post-release testing – concentrated testing within the first hours of going live

  • Regression testing – support to release new functionality and features at speed

  • Test planning – getting testing right, right from the start

  • Writing test cases – best practice applied throughout this essential phase in the QA lifecycle

  • Test case execution – professional testing services to support your innovation strategy

  • Usability testing – help to create a seamless, intuitive user experience

Real client use case


We work to deliver testing of new functionality stories in sprint. During sprint planning we work out the story point volume not only based on development work but also the testing we carry out. This allows for proper scoping of sprints and ensures what is in scope of a sprint is achievable and avoids over burdening the backlog.


With our internal team writing test cases and crowd executing the cases we improve the quality of the story coverage and have the speed of execution to complete all testing activities within the sprint window. The speed of execution allows us to cover the functionality within the story but we also test around that functional area to ensure that it hasn’t regressed.


In a 2 week sprint window, we aim to complete all testing by the Thursday of the 2nd week, kicking off full regression testing that night with results available on the Friday morning. This allows for a go/no go decision meeting to proceed on the Friday with deployment to production the following Monday.

Digivante helps you realise the business benefits of agile development methods by delivering:

• Bespoke project delivery, with engagement and consultancy at every stage of agile delivery

• Fast turnaround on testing to challenging timescales, with clear, actionable feedback

• Extensive, flexible coverage, with the capacity to test large numbers of devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and browsers, and related variance in release versions of both.

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