Supporting Software Engineering leaders

Increase the speed of delivery, using Digivante’s skills to deliver testing faster, scaling up and down as needs require.

Key challenges facing Software Engineering leaders

Balance continuous innovation and delivery with low risk deployments.

QA keeping pace with development

Your Dev team is powering ahead, but QA is trailing in their wake. For Software Engineering leaders, it’s a headache if your QA resources can’t complete testing within the sprint timeframe. Longer times to release generate added pressure from around the business.

Hiring and retaining

Tech skills are in high demand across all sectors right now. Finding people with the right technical knowledge and experience who know how to play as a team is particularly challenging. How can you access high quality QA team augmentation that could ease pressure on your delivery cycles and free up your own time?

Getting the balance right between speed and quality

With all the pressure to deliver competitive advantage through new and improved digital products, it’s tricky to get the balance right between speed of execution and quality of results. Compromising on quality risks the exceptional customer experience, yet the business demands continuous innovation and fast delivery. A supportive QA and testing with 24/7 capacity could ease erosion of your valuable development time.

Demand surpasses capacity

When the demands on your engineering team exceeds their capacity to deliver, it’s stressful. Everyone’s working flat out to resolve issues, but there’s a danger of creating new ones due to hasty, pressured work. The ideal would be to test throughout the development process, with early QA involvement for a more manageable delivery cycle.

Why Software Engineering leaders choose Digivante

Harness the scale and skill of Digivante – our automation, our vast global testing team – and your software quality issues will be resolved faster than ever before. Delivering to schedule and with confidence, your team can focus on the important innovations and not be surrounded by endless bugs to fix.

Faster delivery

The scale and scope of our 24/7 testing community can cut testing times dramatically, so you can keep up with changing requirements and achieve quicker release times without sacrificing quality.


When there’s no time to recruit to meet a short term surge in testing demand, Digivante is here to provide high calibre, experienced QA specialists who can support you with test planning, monitoring and delivery on any scale.


Digivante’s range of crowd testing services Engineering leaders the confidence to push a release to production even on a Friday afternoon.

Automation coverage

Use automation wisely in the areas where it brings real efficiency gains. Digivante’s specialists can advise and design automation testing that will free up human testers to focus where they’re most needed.

Constant oversight

Reliable, unwavering monitoring prevents bugs and glitches causing big problems further down the line. Digivante QA can monitor your digital products to provide reassurance that key journeys are working as they should.

Understanding business impact

Digivante’s experts help you prioritise bug fixes where they’ll make the biggest impact on your business. Our reporting provides clear and concise detail about where issues are and how to replicate them so your developers can quickly address any fixes.

Discover our services for Software Engineering leaders

Exploratory testing

Replicate the random, unscripted real-world behaviour and decision-making of your target users to improve conversions and stability.

Regression testing

Digivante offers fast, thorough, good-value regression testing executed at scale by our professional community of testers. We use test automation where it adds value, delivering maximum value with minimum delay.

Test automation

We take a pragmatic approach to test automation; we only use it where it demonstrably adds value and saves time.

Crowdtesting community

Large-scale crowdtesting by experienced website and app testers from all over the world. Digivante community members are vetted by a technical exam to ensure the highest quality of skillsets.

Team augmentation

High calibre people ready to spring into action at short notice. Expand or slim down your team as your digital projects require, adding or subtracting specialist skills as needed.

Post-release testing

Digivante has a wealth of testers in our large QA community. We can run testing that would take you days in just a few hours, so you can fix any unforeseen issues before they impact customer experience and revenue.

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“For me personally, the greatest gain in working with Digivante is being able to go back to our stakeholders with confidence, assured of the quality of the delivery and with data to back this up.”

User Acceptance Testing Manager

Specsavers UK

Fix problems fast and fully

Full visibility of testing information and results

We built the Digivante testing portal to make it fast and easy for our clients and project leads to identify and act on critical testing information. The Portal consolidates test results, presents findings visually and help you and your team focus on fixing problems rapidly and thoroughly.

Automated reports from the Digivante testing portal summarise actionable insights, putting all the crucial information at your fingertips. They identify trends in quality, risk areas and in functional areas that are very sensitive to change – for example, because they’re regularly regressed in releases.

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Bring Digivante into your team for exceptional QA

Choose Digivante as your trusted QA partner to support you to meet deadlines and diffuse pressures. Request a call from one of our experts to talk about what you need and how we can support you.