Supporting QA leaders

Use Digivante’s scale and resources to work alongside your team when demand rises, so you stay on track and in control of your QA.

Key challenges facing QA leaders

Meeting quality goals when development happens at a pace presents challenges for QA leaders.

Tight deadlines

Testing is the last thing to wrap up before your brand or business can release its latest digital product or new features. So QA leaders are under pressure to deliver test results not only fast but also with absolute confidence in the results.

Scaling teams

There are peaks and troughs development cycles – you need different specialisms and skillsets at different times. Ramping them up and down can be an impossible juggle for QA leaders. You need an easy way to flex the size of your team, ideally with quality resources at hand on demand.

Optimising automation

Increasing automation coverage can reduce time to market, but not all tests are suitable for automation. You need to be pragmatic, choosing an automation approach only where it will bring real benefit.

Sustaining regression testing

As your digital product evolves, regression testing becomes more and more important, to keep established functionality in good working order. But investing your team’s time in regression testing takes them away from adding new, high-value features that enhance customer engagement.

Last minute changes

When project requirements change mid-sprint, it throws out testing plans and creates frustration for teams. QA leaders need extra QA expertise quickly, to assess what needs to change and to make it happen with minimal friction and delay.

Why QA leaders choose Digivante

Even the best-laid QA plans go awry sometimes. And with deadlines looming and pressures mounting, finding the breathing space to shift from reactive to proactive can feel impossible. When you need to seize back control, Digivante is here to assist. We work fast and efficiently and our attention to detail is exceptional. You can safely stake your reputation on us.


We can turbocharge your testing timeframes. Two weeks’ testing turns into two days with our resources in your hands, so product and development teams see QA an enabler rather than a barrier to progress.


Our people are strong, experienced and business focused. They’ll engage with your challenges and show the value they can deliver by providing insight and offering practical solutions in every interaction with your project managers.


The scale and scope of our testing community can ease pressure on your teams, so they don’t have to work such long or antisocial hours. We can help you handle peaks in workload.


Digivante’s experience means we can hit the ground running. We’ve worked with many different clients so we know how to adapt to your internal culture, systems and processes.


We’re here to support you when you need us, not to take over the QA team (unless you ask us to!). We provide the specific resources you need on demand and stand them down when the peak passes, so you don’t need to carry an expensive overhead.

Discover our services for QA leaders

Regression testing

Digivante offers fast, thorough, good-value regression testing executed at scale by our professional community of testers, plus automation where it adds value.

Team augmentation

High calibre people ready to spring into action at short notice. Expand or slim down your team as projects require, adding or subtracting specialist skills as needed.

Test automation

Deploy test automation along with manual testing for large-scale projects. It’s the best way to balance rigour with speed and value from your testing budget.

Crowdtesting community

Large-scale crowdtesting by experienced website and app testers from all over the world. Digivante community members are vetted by a technical exam to ensure the highest quality of skillsets.

Post-release testing

Digivante has a wealth of testers in our large QA community. We can run testing that would take you days in just a few hours, so you can fix any unforeseen issues before they impact customer experience and revenue.

Cross-browser testing

Cross-browser testing (or compatibility testing) uncovers issues on specific devices or browsers or operating systems. You can fix them before they hit the customer and be confident of consistent performance.

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“For me personally, the greatest gain in working with Digivante is being able to go back to our stakeholders with confidence, assured of the quality of the delivery and with data to back this up.”

User Acceptance Testing Manager

Specsavers UK

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Fix problems fast and fully with full visibility of testing information and results

We built the Digivante testing portal to make it fast and easy for our clients and project leads to identify and act on critical testing information. The Portal consolidates test results, presents findings visually and help you and your team focus on fixing problems rapidly and thoroughly.

Automated reports from the Digivante testing portal summarise actionable insights, putting all the crucial information at your fingertips. They identify trends in quality, risk areas and in functional areas that are very sensitive to change – for example, because they’re regularly regressed in releases.

More resources for QA leaders

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Bring Digivante into your team for exceptional QA

Choose Digivante as your trusted QA partner to support you to meet deadlines and diffuse pressures. Request a call from one of our experts to talk about what you need and how we can support you.