Whether you’re seeking a dedicated User Acceptance Testing partner or need multiple tests over a number of cycles, Digivante will create a fully managed testing-driven CX optimisation plan that meets your precise needs to help you elevate your digital customer experience and drive growth for your business.

Start your journey with confidence

We understand the importance of clarity from the outset. That’s why, after our first call, we’ll quickly provide an estimate to ensure transparency and alignment with your budget and expectations.

Digivante’s UAT Solution Features Included
Rapid Test Execution (via Digivante crowd)
Managed Service
Unlimited Digivante Platform Access
Advanced Reporting
Flexible Test Execution Windows
Real Device Coverage
API Access
Custom Test Plan
In-country Testing

Experience the power of Digivante with a commitment-free Proof of Concept

Explore the strength of Digivante without any commitment. Our commitment-free Proof of Concept (POC) allows you to experience our solution without tying yourself into a long-term contract upfront. The scope of the POC can be agreed upon to showcase precisely how Digivante can elevate your user experience.

Customised pricing to fit your needs

Every project is unique, and so are our pricing options. We tailor our quotes based on your specific requirements, including:

  • Release cycle
  • Test pack size (if required)
  • Number of new functionality tests to analyse & write for each release cycle
  • Number of test case executions by the Digivante crowd
  • Number of software environments
  • Test services required: Exploratory, Usability, Regression, Post-release, Accessibility, Localisation, Cross-browser, Payment

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Interested in optimising your digital CX with Digivante? Request a quote today, and one of the team will reach out to discuss your project needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with a precise, detailed plan to help you achieve success.

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