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Pay as you go Testing for Major Launches

A major launch can be a stressful time. Whether you’re replatforming, building a new app, or making substantial changes, there will be a lot riding on the project’s success. It only takes one serious issue to jeopardise conversions and disappoint customers – and if you’re not testing on enough devices, you’re unlikely to identify the key suspects in time.

Digivante focuses on quality testing at scale: we work with 55,000 professional testers to cover every major device in a very short timescale, giving you thorough detail on every defect, manually reproducing, categorising severity and providing a video replay of the issue in action. Our approach is designed to meet every eventuality, giving you complete peace of mind so you can concentrate on delighting your customers at launch.

Fully Managed Testing
Test Environment Pre Release or Live
No. of Testers 250
Typical Device Coverage 400
Guaranteed Devices 25
Guaranteed Tester Effort 90 days
Delivery Time 3 days
Number of Issues Unlimited
Bug Reproduction Yes
Export JIRA Connector or CSV
Environment Access VPN or Password
Pricing based on size and volume of sites/apps Price On Request


Fully Managed Testing

Price on Request

Quality Code Faster

To prevail in the competitive digital world, you want your website to be engaging and feature-rich. But to compete inevitably means more development work and more frequent releases reducing the window for testing. Expanding your testing team is a costly option.

Using our global network of professional testers, we can speed up the testing process substantially to deliver 24 days of quality regression testing in 24 hours. All the extra days of development time this gives you will put you head and shoulders above your competitors, while keeping your conversion rates high and your customers happy.

Testing At Scale For Every Release Professional Enterprise
Managed Service
Sites/Apps Single Multiple
Exploratory Testing
Scenario Testing
Detailed Bug Reports
Bug Reproductions
Bug Tracker Integration
VPN Access
Customer On-boarding
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Dedicated Test Manager and Team
Test Case Creation and Updating
Test Case Execution
Localised Testing
Price per month from £3,000 Price on Request

Professional Testing

from £3000 per month

Enterprise Testing

Price on Request

Always-on Analytics Driven Testing

In today’s challenging environment, every ecommerce business is striving to increase conversions. Many are using common tactics like surveys, multivariate testing and personalisation. But with more competition and ever-increasing targets, what’s next? What can you do to differentiate and accelerate away from the competition?

The Digivante platform can help you increase your conversion rates quickly and continuously. Using AI & deep analytics, we identify champion performers and underperformers in multiple device and browser segments. We then instantly calculate the revenue uplift you could gain should you resolve the issues behind the underperformance. This arms you with a solid business case to launch surgical tests on our platform which will identify and evidence all the issues. Once fixed conversions have increased, we move onto the next optimisation candidate.

Live Monitoring Digital Revenue Calculator Optimisation Testing
Live Site Testing Conversion Benchmarking Functional Testing
10 Testers Per Day Deep Device & Browser Analytics Usability Testing
Exploratory Testing Identify Optimisation Candidates Performance Testing
Daily Coverage Of Critical Journeys Quantify Revenue Uplift Issue Report & Export
Business Case For Action
Real Time Dashboard Results
from £3,000 p/m
per site URL
Try for Free from £4,500
per optimisation candidate

Live Monitoring

From £3,000 p/m per site URL

Digital Revenue Calculator

Try for Free

Optimisation Testing

From £4,500 per optimisation candidate

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