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Whilst driving digital innovation and transformation, QA holds the key to delivering high-impact change through digital initiatives that always give stakeholders a positive experience

Key challenges facing Technology leaders

Technology leaders are tasked with driving digital innovation and transformation across their business. With the fast pace of this change, there’s always risk to manage.

Legacy tools and solutions

Technology leaders want to innovate, but the pragmatic need to work with existing legacy system architecture makes it harder. You need to transition away from these systems in a controlled manner, avoiding disruption to colleagues and customers. That slows the pace of change.

Harmonising multiple development programs

There’s never just one priority project. Technology leaders are always juggling multiple, high impact programmes. These have an impact on each other: to make sure delivery in one area doesn’t adversely affect another, everyone needs to understand the overall vision. To achieve the KPIs of your transformation projects, you need to maintain pace and deliver consistently high-quality outputs across them all.

Skills shortages

Delivering your digital vision demands high-quality candidates across all technology roles. To overcome skills shortfalls, Technology leaders need to tap into the global talent pool, embracing remote working. But when you find good people, it can be hard to retain them. Outsourcing or augmenting teams allows you to scale tech teams up and down with less risk and commitment.

Delivering ROI on digital transformation

Business leaders expect their investment in digital innovation and transformation to increase ROI. For Technology leaders, that means tying investments back to proven returns. It also means finding ways to eliminate inefficient spending and to streamline processes, so products get to market faster.

Continuous innovation

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation for most businesses. But there’s no easing of the pace for Technology leaders as the global situation eases. You need to continue to innovate, especially in highly competitive industries like e-commerce. In unforgiving markets, you must keep up the highest standards of quality in every digital programme and product.

Digital quality helps you reach your transformation goals

Within enterprise-level businesses, enacting change – big, bold, lasting change – takes time. That’s something you understand better than most. But with the right resources and expertise, you can accelerate even the most complex technology project.

By harnessing the scale and skill of Digivante – our automation, our vast global testing team – your digital quality issues will be resolved faster and more fastidiously than ever before. And you’ll be surprised by how far-reaching the knock-on effects are. Test windows shrink. Velocity increases. Innovation comes easier. Inter-team cohesion improves. Your vision for change stays firmly on track to succeed.

Why Technology leaders choose Digivante

QA insight

Digivante’s specialist expertise and experience working on digital initiatives means we can give you the knowledge and tactics you need to focus QA on delivering your most important goals.

Focus on quality

Trust Digivante to support your digital quality so it’s one less problem for you to worry about. Embed our experts in your teams and they’ll ensure that digital quality is always at the level your stakeholders demand when you launch an initiative.


Our people integrate with your teams and pull their weight from day one. We’ll adapt to your culture and forge positive relationships across the business to make sure that QA is a success story for everyone who contributes to your programmes.


We’re fast and thorough, because we use proven digital testing processes and have a vast, professional testing community to shoulder the burden of peaks in QA demand. We can embed testing in your development process to save time and avoid unwelcome surprises as deadlines approach.

Making change happen

At Digivante, transparency and accessibility are our watchwords. Our methods and our findings are laid out in clear, jargon-free terms, so you’ll always understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how you can harness the results. We exist to help you make big, bold, lasting change happen – on your own terms, and at your own relentless pace.

Discover our services for Technology leaders

Test automation

We take a pragmatic approach to test automation; we only use it where it demonstrably adds value and saves time.

Regression testing

Digivante offers fast, thorough, good-value regression testing executed at scale by our professional community of testers. We use test automation where it adds value, delivering maximum value with minimum delay.

Crowdtesting community

Large-scale crowdtesting by experienced website and app testers from all over the world. Digivante community members are vetted by a technical exam to ensure the highest quality of skillsets.

Cross-browser testing

Don’t trip up at launch by discovering that half your users aren’t getting the full experience because of their device and browser combination. We test first, fast and thoroughly so everyone gets maximum impact.

Team augmentation

High calibre people ready to spring into action at short notice. Expand or slim down your team as your digital projects require, adding or subtracting specialist skills as needed.

Post-release testing

Digivante has a wealth of testers in our large QA community. We can run testing that would take you days in just a few hours, so you can fix any unforeseen issues before they impact customer experience and revenue.

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Make QA a vital component of success

Our mission is to break down digital barriers between organisations and users. We do this by providing the most experienced QA consultants, by adopting a client and user-focused approach, and by managing a responsive testing community that can mobilise fast to meet deadlines every time.

You tell us what you need and when, and leave it to us to marshal resources, monitor results and deliver real-time insight that propels you towards your digital innovation goals at pace. Find out more about our approach and track record.

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Bring Digivante into your team for exceptional QA

Choose Digivante as your trusted testing partner to make sure your digital transformation programmes deliver their full potential and impact. Request a call from one of our experts to talk about what you need and how we can support you.