Quality reAssurance

Dedicated consultancy to support your quality assurance strategy and enable your digital transformation

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Testing bottlenecks

Deploy Digivante’s flexible resources at scale to complement stretched in-house teams

Testing on all devices

Optimise test coverage across all devices and platforms

Acquiring real user feedback

Uncover weak points, defects and usability issues with testers who reflect your target audience

Access to local testers worldwide

Identify the issues blocking conversions by using knowledgeable testers on the ground

Internal roadblocks

Draw on our expertise to build and validate a business case for additional QA support

QA consultancy solutions

Enabling innovation and safeguarding quality

A dedicated quality assurance consultancy, Digivante partners with enterprises on their digital transformation journey.

By seamlessly embracing our clients’ culture and stakeholder imperatives, we identify complex processes and gaps in quality, so our QA professionals and expert advisory services can perform rapid continuous test execution and facilitate change.

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Testing services

The right approach at the right time

We offer an extensive range of quality assurance solutions and services. Deploying the right service or solution, and at the right time, is a pivotal skill when fixing a defect or tackling a wider challenge. Since our inception in 2012, we have developed a culture dedicated to quality, velocity and agility, so that all our services are truly adaptable to meet your needs.

Three-step approach

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Starting with supporting the development of your QA strategy, followed by the creation of an evolving test plan, the Digivante team work closely with your own team to establish a clear plan, whether we are supporting the improvement of the BAU world or a program of work within the context of more widespread digital transformation.
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Next, the Digivante team step in to support and/or run the build, maintenance and update of manual test cases and/or automated regression packs. Your dedicated test leads can also attend requirements meetings, sprint planning, sprint reviews etc. to provide independent insight and support from a QA perspective.
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We deliver world-class speed and coverage across a range of vital digital QA services, from test case execution to exploratory testing. Examples include transforming an execution phase that took an SI’s team of 8 in-house QAs 5 days to test down to just 5 hours, with testing on over 300 different real devices and browsers in under 72 hours.

The added value of working with Digivante

In selecting a provider of quality assurance and testing services, why not look for one with the potential to become your long-term strategic partner, committed to keeping you ahead of the curve?

Digivante consultants combine deep knowledge of quality assurance and testing with extensive sector experience. Consummate professionals, they hit the ground running, rapidly understanding your goals and team dynamics, to quickly start delivering the business value you need to see.

They go beyond technical proficiency to bring a fresh, insightful approach to your quality assurance initiatives, based on best practice.

Meanwhile our testing community has both the critical mass and the local presence to build confidence that your website or app is fit for purpose in your target markets.

Without exception, our 24/7/365 testing services are focused on delivering actionable feedback on the issues affecting your users – and possibly blocking conversions – helping you achieve more in shorter timescales.

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What would partnering with Digivante achieve for your enterprise?

We can provide expertise to complement your in-house resources or assemble a dedicated team to work on your projects. In everything we do, our aim is to become a trusted extension of your enterprise. As our client stories show, we’ve helped some of the world’s biggest brands to grow their revenues and build a global reputation.

Unrivalled testing expertise, tailored to your needs