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Audi, a renowned German luxury car manufacturer and a member of the Volkswagen Group, embarked on a significant milestone with the launch of its first UK ecommerce platform. This venture, aimed to set a high standard for the brand, website, new functionality and apps while meeting tight deadlines and delivering an excellent customer experience (CX) that their users would expect.

In our conversation with Anthony Roberts, National Digital Manager at Audi UK, we delve into the challenges faced and the journey towards overcoming them.

The challenge

Anthony faced a myriad of challenges in delivering not only the new Audi UK ecommerce platform but also a suite of other digital products outlined in their ambitious product roadmap. The urgency to enhance digital performance within strict timelines was palpable. Moreover, the weight of maintaining Audi’s esteemed brand reputation and exceeding customer expectations added layers of complexity to the projects. Scarce internal resources compounded the challenge, hindering comprehensive User Acceptance Testing (UAT) across diverse devices and platforms. Additionally, ensuring seamless functionality across hundreds of devices while upholding Audi’s exacting standards presented a formidable task.

Audi ecommerce website on laptop

Our approach

Audi and Digivante forged a symbiotic partnership, devising a meticulous testing strategy tailored to the project’s multifaceted requirements. Leveraging Digivante’s expertise in functional and usability testing, along with our extensive testing community, we meticulously planned and executed a series of user acceptance tests across diverse devices and platforms.

Our approach was marked by thorough, unscripted exploration of the ecommerce platform’s functionalities, ensuring that all critical user journeys underwent rigorous scrutiny for potential issues. We prioritised issues based on their impact on the digital CX, delivering results through our comprehensive testing portal. This enabled Audi to promptly address high-impact issues while gaining invaluable insights for long-term optimisation.

“Having Digivante onboard alleviated our testing concerns. Their rapid and comprehensive testing across multiple platforms and prioritisation of issues enabled us to meet our tight deadlines and exceed customer expectations. Digivante have truly became an integral part of our digital journey.”

Anthony Roberts, National Digital Manager, Audi UK

Our solution

Through exploratory testing focused on functional, conversion, spelling & grammar and UX issues, Digivante and Audi embarked on a journey of overhauling Audi’s digital CX, driving high-value behaviours and maximising conversions, transcending traditional boundaries to achieve unparalleled excellence across a broad range of digital products.

The ability to run test cycles for projects in parallel ensured that conflicting timelines weren’t impacted by a lack of testing coverage. This meant that deadlines across teams were consistently met with reduced risk, thanks to full test coverage always being available due to Digivante’s scalable crowdtesting model and solutions.

The results

The collaboration yielded impactful results, affirming the effectiveness of our testing solutions. Anthony remarked “Digivante’s efficiency and scalability enabled us to meet our tight deadlines without compromising on quality.”

Among the noteworthy projects that we supported with testing were the Audi UK ecommerce website, car configurator website, live chat website, part exchange website, mileage tracker app, the Skoda Vision app and the MyAudi app.

Over the course of two transformative years, spanning 48 projects, an average of 16 per year, Digivante’s rigorous testing efforts unearthed 4222 issues, revealing an average of 88 defects per project, with an average of 20 critical defects per project. The pursuit of perfection extended across 1664 device/OS/browser combinations, resulting in 4897 workdays of relentless effort, averaging 102 workdays per project.

Digivante Portal on iPad

On one project alone (the Audi UK ecommerce website), Digivante discovered issues across four well-known platforms—Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows—and all conversion and CX issues were identified in order of priority for Audi to fix. Our rigorous testing efforts uncovered and ranked 16 critical conversion issues and 50 CX issues, providing Anthony and his team with valuable and detailed reporting to address them effectively. As a result, Audi was able to resolve the issues and launch their ecommerce platform on time, with confidence, assured of its digital performance and seamless user experience. The successful outcome of our partnership underscored the value of thorough testing in achieving Audi’s objectives and exceeding customer expectations.


testing projects carried out


critical defects found per project


device/OS/browser configurations covered


workdays worth of effort carried out over 2 years

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