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Take the hassle out of hitting revenue and conversion targets and delivering excellent CX for every audience and territory, using Digivante’s scalable QA resources.

Key challenges facing Digital Product leaders

Driving the strategic direction for digital products is no easy feat. Defining and scoping features that customers want and need, and uniting teams to deliver on the vision brings many challenges.

Pressure to release new features faster

There’s pressure to quickly deliver new features that drive competitive advantage, but at the same time existing functionality needs to be maintained. You have to make tough compromises on scope and at times quality to meet deadlines.

Relying on other teams to deliver your vision

Senior leaders look to Digital Product leaders to deliver the strategic vision, but Digital Product relies on a limited pool of software engineering, QA, marketing and many other cross-departmental teams, both internal and external, to deliver that vision. Gaps in QA resources inevitably affect release schedules. Contention for resource causes bottlenecks in the process and Digital Product leaders must challenge decision-makers to hire or outsource to keep their project on track.

Understanding the implications of poor quality

For Digital Product leaders, quality is one of their core focus areas. A poor quality digital product will have negative long-term effects on customer trust and brand loyalty and Digital Product leaders will have to answer to senior leaders if customer satisfaction declines.

Digital quality is key to achieving your product goals

You know you’ve got a brilliant product on your hands and your vision is to make it even better. But before you get to enjoy wowing customers with cool new features and ingenious tweaks, there are the usual challenges to work through: deadlines, budgets, bottlenecks and workloads.

With all these pressures, it’s understandable that digital quality testing is not front of mind. But bringing Digivante on board now will pay dividends against all your goals. Digital quality is the common thread. Prioritise it from the get-go, and everything else – from avoiding team burnout to increasing conversions – falls into place.

Why Digital Product leaders choose Digivante

One stop shop

Use us for digital testing in all your key areas – device coverage, localisation, accessibility and usability and more. We have specialist QA experts and crowdtesters in all disciplines.


Digivante’s QA services, metrics and reporting can help you build business cases for more rigorous digital testing that will improve the revenue impact and customer appreciation of your digital products.


The scale and scope of our 24/7 testing community can cut testing times from two weeks to two days, so you can get more quality coverage and confidence for your product in a shorter time.

Customer satisfaction

Deliver new features successfully, maintain uptime and keep positive customer feedback rolling in as users enjoy a high quality, defect-free experience, wherever they are in the world and whatever device or browser they’re using.

Confidence in your product quality

You can afford to have confidence in your product when you know that Digivante has done the digital quality testing. Build our service in throughout the development process and we’ll take pressure off your team so they can perform at their best.

We’re responsive and deliver quickly, we have a global testing community at our fingertips, and we report clearly and continually on progress and results.

Discover our services for Digital Product leaders

Localisation testing

When you’re working in global markets, it’s essential to customise your app or website for local needs to deliver a good user experience and attract positive feedback.

Crowdtesting community

Large-scale crowdtesting by experienced website and app testers from all over the world. Digivante community members are vetted by a technical exam to ensure the highest quality of skillsets.

Accessibility testing

Make sure your site or app offers a great experience to all your users. The more people who can easily interact and transact, the more commercial opportunities you create.

Cross-browser testing

Make sure everyone gets a friction-free customer experience every time, with site and app testing across devices, operating systems and browsers.

Conversion optimisation

You could be losing a lot of revenue if you’re not testing on a wide range of devices and browsers, or if you’re failing to analyse ecommerce data at a granular level.

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“The Digivante team was able to demonstrate a deep technical understanding and to articulate the results to our senior management team to support the business case. I was impressed with their ability to rationalise and share advice for change.”

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Screenshot of the Convert ecommerce analytics tool

Discover Convert to optimise your digital product revenues

Convert by Digivante is a conversion optimisation tool that uses your Google Analytics ecommerce data to identify where specific devices or browsers are converting worse than others.

It clearly identifies where you’re leaving easy revenue on the table, because poor browser or device optimisation affects usability for your customers and prospects.

At Claire’s Accessories, fixing critical issues identified by Convert delivered a 35% uplift in conversions within four weeks. Find out how it works to boost your ROI.

More resources for Digital Product leaders

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Bring Digivante into your team for exceptional QA

Choose Digivante as your trusted QA partner to help you hit revenue targets and make the most of your digital testing budget. Request a call from one of our experts to talk about what you need and how we can support you.