Google, Amazon and Facebook have set the bar high for digital experience. Customers are no longer willing to settle for okay, and brand loyalty lasts as long as the next broken link or CTA that errors – for the record, that’s about 3 seconds! While the majority of Tech and Digital teams are tackling the dev. side or optimising customer experience, very few companies are successfully combining the two.
Digivante is that bridge.



Our Mission

At our hearts, we are all nerds and geeks. We are coders, developers, tech-heads. We are from the generation who embrace the digital world and want to make it the best version of itself.

In fact, way back we started out as Bugfinders but have since rebranded as we’ve simply outgrown our original purpose – we do so much more than just bug reports and functional testing!

We have evolved into a complete digital experience solutions business – digital detectorists who love nothing more than analysing and problem solving to a very exacting standard, and of a size and scale no other in this space can match. Ultimately this is our ‘why’, our passion and love – and what empowers us to continually grow and evolve.

Our methodology

At the core of Digivante are our people, here in the UK and some 55,000 plus managed professional testers we deploy. We start with people, use tech to surgically source issues and bugs, and then collaboratively triage what we find. Our differences, and these are crucial, are that our expert solution consultants and delivery team manage, lead and deliver the whole process for you, and then we test at a speed and scale no other can:

  • 24 days of testing in 24 hours
  • A full functional test in 4 hours
  • 150+ testers deploying over 100 devices in 96 hours
  • Over 440 device/browser combinations
  • Oh, and we test 24/7, 365 days a year.

These are not vanity metrics – impressive though they are – they are us proactively predicting and responding to business-critical issues found in the real world. Expert, agile, proactive and surgically efficient are the norm – for and from – Digivante.


Eye-wateringly high cost… of not testing!

We have some truly sobering numbers that highlight the power of website and app testing that we want to share with you.

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One single conversion issue on Android was costing a customer over £30,000 a week - £1.5m annually - in lost sales on a single product line. Most alarming was the client wasn’t aware as GA doesn’t dive as deep as Digivante's testing, so a low conversion from a particular browser and device combination was not uncovered. Added to this, customers were not complaining!

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Do you know the average cost of a critical bug on a live e-commerce site on your bottom line? £67,000… and what is the cost if found in the design phase? £70! So, the danger is very real, and the cost can be catastrophic if not caught and remedied.

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When internet behemoth Amazon crashed on its Prime Day in 2018, it lost an astonishing $34 million per hour. A single hour of downtime from a conversion-killing bug can cost businesses around $300,000, and our research shows that two website bugs can cost retailers £1m per month. All this highlights why your revenue now depends on your digital experience more than ever before.




These days, being responsible for the development of your organisation’s website is a daunting undertaking. With a pressure to be more agile and the testing window constantly getting squeezed, you can end up having to compromise and delivering a less than perfect site on launch or release. This is where Digivante comes in…

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Marketing has new product and targeting spot on, and your site looks amazing, yet repeat traffic and conversions have dropped off a cliff. Digivante can find out why with bespoke packages of managed testing solutions enabling digital and marketing teams to uncover conversion and revenue impacting issues hidden behind your Google Analytics.

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Imagine the revenue uplift if your lowest performing device & browser combinations matched your highest performing device & browser combinations for conversions. Convert, the new tool from Digivante, helps you do just this through usability analysis, speed comparison, user feedback and defect identification.