About Pepe’s

Pepe’s is a distinguished brand and have opened 187 stores in the UK with some stores in Dubai and Pakistan, specialising in serving fresh flame-grilled “Pepe’licious” chicken. Their digital presence includes an informative website featuring menu details, franchise information, and their own app for online food orders and delivery, with a customer loyalty program which includes a spin to win mechanic for a chance to win prizes every time an order is paid for.

In a conversation with Jayne Enskat, Head of Marketing at Pepe’s, we delved into the brand’s commitment to delivering a great savoury culinary experience in the digital realm.

The challenge

Online food ordering

Pepe’s recognised the need for an independent food ordering app to avoid the high costs associated with 3rd party platforms like Just Eat and Deliveroo. However, due to a lack of resources and experience in app development, they opted for a 3rd party agency to build a bespoke app specific for the Pepe’s business and customer. In this decision, they recognised the importance of involving User Acceptance Testing (UAT) experts, understanding that comprehensive testing was crucial for ensuring app functionality across a diverse range of devices used by their broad customer base.

In the pursuit of a partner capable of providing rapid and comprehensive UAT, Pepe’s turned to Digivante. Their aim was to safeguard the quality and functionality of the app on all the devices their customers use, aligning with their commitment to delivering a superior user experience. Jayne said, “Pepe’s has a brand name to protect; our reputation is critical. Our app needs to be easy to use and just work. That’s why we work with Digivante.”

Our approach

Upon delving into Pepe’s’ challenges and objectives, Digivante swiftly recognised the imperative for efficient and effective testing, tailored to align seamlessly with Pepe’s’ unique requirements. In response, Digivante proposed a solution centred around exploratory testing on both Android and Apple platforms.

Saranya Mahadevan, Test Manager at Digivante, emphasised the significance of exploratory testing in addressing Pepe’s’ unique challenges. She stated, “Exploratory testing, a dynamic and context-driven testing approach, was pivotal for Pepe’s. It allows our community of testers to actively explore the app, mirroring real-world user interactions. This method is essential for uncovering unforeseen issues that may not be captured through scripted testing scenarios. Given Pepe’s’ diverse customer base and the varied devices in use, exploratory testing was the optimal choice to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the end-to-end customer journey, account management, placing orders, and testing new features.”

Our solution

Digivante seamlessly integrated into Pepe’s’ testing process by leveraging a test version of the app. With a dedicated Test Manager overseeing the projects, the Digivante tester community actively engaged in identifying and resolving critical functional and conversion issues. The testing process unfolded over two comprehensive cycles, totalling 26 hours. Remarkably, the output achieved in these cycles equated to an impressive 208 days of in-house effort.

The scalability of our testing approach, utilising a vast crowd of professional testers, allowed us to cover an extensive range of devices. In these two cycles alone, we reached an astounding 764 devices, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the app’s performance across various platforms.

“The process of working with Digivante was easy and very comprehensive,” remarked Jayne Enskat, Head of Marketing, underlining the seamless collaboration and the extensive coverage achieved through Digivante’s testing methodology.

The results

In the first testing cycle, a thorough examination uncovered 14 critical issues, with a particular focus on placing orders, account creation, and account management. Among these, a significant bug was identified wherein the “forgot password” functionality failed to work. The potential consequences of this issue, if allowed to go live, would have been substantial—users unable to order due to forgotten passwords, likely leading them to explore alternative food ordering options.

The second testing cycle, equally rigorous, unearthed an additional 12 critical issues. A noteworthy pattern emerged during this cycle, revealing instances of general app crashing during input and navigation. Specific scenarios included user interactions such as clicking the “add to basket” button would crash the app.


high-value issues unearthed


med/low defects found


devices tested on


hours effort delivered in 24 hours

Digivante’s proactive approach ensured the prompt addressing of these identified issues. This comprehensive effort served as a safeguard for Pepe’s, preventing potential live environment disruptions that could have resulted in customer dissatisfaction, loss of conversions, and negative impacts on revenue.

“Digivante’s testing revealed critical issues we hadn’t anticipated, saving us from potential user frustration. Their proactive approach and seamless collaboration ensured a flawless app experience, preserving our brand reputation and exceeding user expectations. We’re immensely pleased with the results and ongoing partnership.”

Jayne Enskat, Head of Marketing at Pepe’s

What’s next for Pepe’s & Digivante

Continuing into the future, Digivante is poised to support Pepe’s in optimising their online presence, ensuring a user-friendly app and website across all devices. This ongoing collaboration aims to contribute to Pepe’s’ high-value behaviour and sales targets.

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