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What we do is QA. What we deliver is success

At Digivante, we help you keep pace with innovation and consumer expectations because we offer an ever-evolving approach to digital quality.

Give your customers every reason to stay and to spend

We have an unbeatable breadth and depth of support in the Digivante team, to test your applications or augment your existing resources. Our multi-faceted approach means we uncover all kinds of issues that obstruct the user journey. We blend testers and tech for a solution you can stake your product’s future on.

Our mission is to break down digital barriers between businesses and customers. If you’d like to find out how our client-focused approach, experienced QA consultants, responsive testing community and leading tools can support your brand’s excellent customer experiences and empower your development teams to achieve more, get in touch.

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Digivante testing services

Build quality into your software development lifecycle

Our flexible solutions integrate with your SDLC to enhance the quality of your digital product releases.

High coverage, high speed testing

Reduce test windows and root out hidden issues with faster testing and wider device coverage.

Test my digital product

Team augmentation

Embed proven, expert QA professionals in your team so you can meet demands for rigorous testing and quality products exactly when you need them.

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Conversion optimisation

Convert is a conversion optimisation tool that uses your Google Analytics ecommerce data to find where device or browser types are converting worse than others, creating revenue gaps that you can solve.

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Issue detection for more confident decision-making

We blend human testing with automated testing for a solution that provides the right testing for the right time in your release cycle.

In depth testing capabilities

Our website and app testing services make sure new code passes through the next review or sprint. We offer:

Global community QA

The Digivante Global QA community is highly skilled, thoroughly vetted and ready to mobilise fast for mass testing.

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Test automation

We take a pragmatic approach to test automation: we’re objective about where to automate your testing, based on where it will save you time and money.

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The gateway to better QA

The Digivante testing portal is a gateway for clients, internal teams and the crowd to interact with testing projects, enabling businesses to tap into the global crowdsourced testing community to rapidly scale testing capacity.

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The ultimate web testing checklist

Before any online launch, every small detail needs to be examined, tested and analysed with a fine-tooth comb. But your testing strategy should continue long after your launch date.

This checklist will equip you with specific touch-points for each area of testing from accessibility to usability.

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Let us give you peace of mind

QA leaders, digital product owners and digital transformation leaders trust us to take care of digital testing, so they can focus on the bigger picture. We partner with scores of well-known enterprises, supporting innovation and digital transformation, testing new initiatives and delivering continuous quality checking. Get in touch to discuss your QA requirements.

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