Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation by seven years – and Digivante is changing to assist. In this blog, CEO Dan Berry explains why Digivante’s business model, digital transformation consulting and service offering are changing, and what this means for current and future clients.

Our clients’ requirements have changed

Since we established Digivante nearly nine years ago, our clients’ requirements have changed – and we have changed to meet them.

We have expanded and realigned our range of services over time. In more recent years, we’ve seen our clients adopt radically new ways of innovating, with Agile and DevOps becoming the norm as they strive to fulfil fast-moving market demand.

Ad hoc testing on its own helps but is no longer a satisfactory solution for clients’ digital initiatives. Therefore, we now apply a more strategic and consultative approach, building on our extensive knowledge of quality assurance.

Community testing will always have a place in our portfolio, but the focus is now on supporting clients over the long term in the evolution of their development practices to help sharpen their competitive edge.

Your partner in digital transformation

Our goal is to be regarded as our clients’ strategic growth partner, supporting them in making improvements throughout the software development lifecycle, with experienced consultants and an extensive range of services to advance their QA processes further along the maturity curve.

We have found that building close relationships enables us to identify gaps in quality and opportunities for improvement. Clients can benefit from the application of QA best practice in a way that simply isn’t feasible if we dip in and out, conducting tests from time to time.

Added value in action

We want to partner with ambitious enterprises that see their digital presence as a key driver of their future, and to be part of their success as a trusted extension of their business. At every touch-point, we will ask, “What is the business problem we are trying to solve?”

Let me give you a couple of examples of the added value we offer, demonstrating how our guidance and support extend far beyond test execution…

In the case of one retail client, we were able to help them standardise their approach across different teams, improve communications between those teams, and identify where automation was being used unproductively.

The many positive outcomes include better feedback to the development team, increased productivity and maximum value from automation.

Similarly, a consultative approach brought a manufacturing company all the benefits of:

  • better resource planning, aligned with the scale and complexity of each sprint
  • improved defect allocation time and fewer resources being required on triage calls, reducing overheads
  • the successful training and on-boarding of a new third-party involved in supporting the delivery cycle.

A new look and feel to reflect a new reality

Over the past few months, we have been undertaking an overhaul of our branding and website to reflect the change in the way we position our business and the scope of our extended offering.

Visit the new Digivante website, where you’ll see how everything we now deliver will be grouped under the following banners:

Augmented teams

We can assemble a team with specialist domain knowledge and expertise in back-end systems or provide complementary resources where you need to test critical scenarios but lack the capacity to automate tests. Drawing on global 24/7 resource, we reduce testing windows.

We can support you in identifying priority scenarios for a scheduled release and give you the confidence of knowing that your software has been meticulously tested at every stage.

We can define or enhance your overall testing strategy by identifying and mitigating issues that could compromise quality and/or timescales.

With our digital transformation consulting and services, we’ll help you to make efficiency savings, not least by enabling you to improve quality earlier in the software delivery lifecycle.

Testing capabilities

Longstanding services such as Regression Testing, Exploratory Testing and Accessibility Testing have been joined by newer offerings that we have been delivering in response to client requests.

These include End-To-End Testing, Writing Test Cases, Test Automation, and many more. As always, we provide a rapid response with actionable feedback.

Future offerings

Throughout this transition and beyond, we will work with you to make sure you benefit from the right approach at the right time, with a culture of flexibility and services tailored to your requirements.

I think you’ll be surprised at just how much support Digivante will be able to offer your business in the future. But be assured Digivante’s core values have not changed: we remain committed to enabling innovation and safeguarding quality, with agile and responsive client service.

Want to learn more?

Feel free to contact our Customer Success team with any queries about our digital transformation consulting and services, and how we could work together in the future.

If you are new to Digivante, why not book a 15-minute discovery call with one of our solution consultants? They’d be delighted to hear from you!

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