Testing can be regarded as a classic grudge purchase. We accept that, sadly, none of our customers leap out of bed in a morning, excited about putting their software under our microscope!

That’s why we’re committed to making app and website testing as painless and positive an experience as possible, whether you involve us in exploratory testing, regression testing or both. You don’t need us to bombard your development teams with acceptable deviations or false positives – a frequent issue with automated testing, by the way. Nor do you want them swamped by a deluge of vague issues.

Working with Digivante leaves your teams free to do what they do best: innovating new software and improving the existing software on which your apps and websites run.

Creating and maintaining your test pack – a burden off your shoulders

We’ve created tens of thousands of test cases for clients. So if you don’t want to divert your resources into creating a test pack, that’s not a problem.

Our experienced test case/script writers know what will work best. What’s more, as you add new functionality and content over time, we can develop your test pack by writing new scripts to cover new journeys, keeping your test pack(s) up to date and fit for purpose as you undertake regular testing.

The test execution – maximum value with minimum delay

Testing assignments traditionally introduce unwelcome delays, with development teams metaphorically drumming their fingers, waiting for defect reports to come back. Not any more.

Once your test pack is finalised, our global community of professional testers can typically embark on the test execution with just 24 hours’ lead time.

Next, at Digivante we can test at scale, reducing the test window dramatically. Our testers are a dedicated bunch, collectively working tirelessly round the clock, all year round. With agile testing, you receive the results you need fast, which in turn supports rapid fixing and retesting at your end.

Of course, the need for speed is not the only criterion for choosing a testing partner. It’s a given that you need feedback to be accurate.

We vet our testers’ work for accuracy and completeness. What’s more, our feedback is actionable. Defects are not simply logged and passed back to you in a jumble that has to be sorted and sifted to extract nuggets of usable information.

Our reports let you cut to the chase and start taking action. They also contain clear steps to reproduce the defect, with screenshots and recordings, and a list of platforms where the defect is having a negative impact.

Should anything not be crystal clear, we have an established process to quickly triage your question and pass it to the team best placed to respond, without wasting a minute.

A fresh, unbiased eye

Last but not least, our testers bring valuable insight into the UX, helping you to quickly grasp how an independent user may view the operation of your site or app. They have no assumptions about how the software ‘should’ work. This enables you to make informed adjustments going forward and, with their input, develop new features and functionality.

In short, we equip you to preserve and enhance the quality of your app or website as innovation takes place. Our goal throughout is to transform testing from a necessary evil into a positive experience for your dev teams, ultimately improving the user experience, too.

If you would like to find out more about our services speak to a Consultant today.

Published On: August 6th, 2020 / Categories: Quality Assurance /